Optical Flap Turnstile JDYZ-19

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Optical Flap Turnstile JDYZ-19
  • Optical Flap Turnstile
  • Flap Turnstile Entrance Gate

The optical flap turnstile cancels the access privilege if pedestrians do not pass through within the pre-defined time

Optical flap turnstile JDYZ-19 uses a large number of photoelectric switches in the passageway to dependably monitor the passage process and detects unauthorized use, such as tailgating attempts, wrong-way entry, or unauthorized entry, and provides users with comfort and security as well as quick access clearance with minimum supervision. The optical flap turnstile gate will sound an alarm if it notices someone trying to enter a secured area without the proper credentials. It is designed with a curved cabinet to enable quick, sliding motion of the glass wings. To ensure the flap turnstile access control can move quickly and precisely, steadily, and quietly, with low power consumption, energy conservation, and environmental protection, the mechanism module adopts a reliable drive motor and effective control technique.

When used in combination with a facility access control system, the flap barrier optical turnstile JDYZ-19 offers bi-directional access control. Its motorized barriers retract fully into the cabinet to allow a single passage in the requested direction when a user submits a valid credential, enabling the authorized users to move through quickly while preventing the entry of those without credentials. The physical barriers automatically retract into the housing in the event of a power outage to provide a clear path.

Flap optical turnstile barrier JDYZ-19 may adaptably combine different access control devices in order to provide various forms of verification, including face recognition, face recognition, and RFID scanning. It offers free passage and bi-directional and unidirectional access modes, ensuring quick, easy, and dependable access for many applications.

As a top barrier optical turnstile manufacturer with strong R&D capability, Jayda is consistently developing updated flap turnstiles to satisfy the growing needs of different projects all the time and also provides a one-stop solution to support our clients. Please e-mail us at luke@jaydagate.com if you need our assistance.

Optical Flap Turnstile Features

1. Low power consumption
2. Convenient for maintenance and adjustment
3. Precise controls barrier movement
4. Quickly open and close to provide authorized passage
5. Can be configured in bidirectional or one-way mod
6. Suitable for rapid and reliable ticket inspections
7. Automatic opening in case of power failure
8. Handicapped passage width lanes available
9. Built-in sensors detect attempts at unauthorized access and prevent tailgating by alerting security
10. Standard input/output port to integrate with most access control systems

Optical Flap Turnstile Applications

Office buildings
Data centers
Immigration checkpoint
Public transportation systems
Power plants

Optical Flap Turnstile Parameters

 Housing Material  #304 stainless sheet
 Dimension  1600 x 300 x 980mm
 Power Supply  AC110V~240V, 50/60hZ
 Channel Width  550mm
 Drive Motor  DC 24V brush motor
 Pass Speed  40 persons per minute
 Input signal optional  Dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal
 Rotating Direction  Bi-directional
 Communication interface  RS485
 Arm drop when power failure  Yes
 Open Time  0.2 second
 Life Cycle  3 million times
 Working Temperature  -30°C~+70°C
 Working Environments  Indoor, outdoor (with shelter)


The Design

Optical Flap Turnstile Design

The Dimensions

Optical Flap Turnstile Dimensions

The System Diagram

Optical Flap Turnstile System Diagram

Project Cases

The Applications of Optical Flap Turnstile


What are the types of optical flap turnstiles?
Two different types of optical flap turnstiles can be distinguished by drive motors.
Brush motor type: Such flap turnstile uses DC24V brush motor, making them the perfect crowd control solution when the straightforward and economical operation is needed.
Brushless motor type: Such flap optical turnstile employs a DC24V brushless motor, which has the following advantages: quick opening speed, barrier-free operation, silence, usability, ease of use, and maintenance. Because of the structure’s simplicity, modular design, and easier upkeep. The brushless motor is more durable than other motors, has no wear, makes no noise, and is powerful.
Although brushless motor optical flap turnstile is more reliable than their brush motor counterparts, brush motor turnstiles are less expensive overall.


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