What are speed turnstile gates?

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What are speed turnstile gates?


Speed turnstile gates are rotatable devices that allow the controlled passage of people, typically one person at a time, through a barrier to control access to specific areas and used to control noncritical areas (e.g., offices, swimming pools, sports facilities), which usually have rather compact dimensions

The security turnstile speed gates are suitable for monitoring access to shops, subway stations, and other facilities of many kinds and access to working areas. The turnstile barriers allow people to walk through only after the user has obtained clearance from dedicated members, utilizing a magnetically, optically, or similarly readable personal badge. Once the clearance has been given, an electronic control unit provides temporary unlocking of the turnstile revolving member, which normally prevents passage in front of the turnstiles. In addition, the control unit is connected with sensors of various types, suitable for detecting turnstile unauthorized sidestepping or walking through attempts, to trigger suitable optical and/or acoustical alarm signals.

The speed turnstile barrier gates comprise means for dictating a person entering or exiting the lane, a barrier positioned to move between a position blocking a lane and a position where it allows passage through the lane, under the control of a motor; means for checking the credentials of a person attempting to pass through the lane and a brake, the contactless turnstile having a mode of operation in which if a user enters an exit side of the lane without presenting a credential, and an authorized person is not detected on the entry side of the lane, the brake is unlocked and the barrier is held in position in a closed mode but can be pushed or pulled by the person who has entered from the exit side for that person to exit, and the motor assists movement in the pushing or pulling direction by moving the barrier at a controlled speed, less than a speed at which it operates the barrier if the exiting user presents a credential.

Access Control Flap Turnstile

What is the purpose of speed turnstile gates?

The panels or other mechanical barriers or obstructions are mounted on either side of a channel or lane through which persons have to pass and are mechanically moved, typically pivoting about a vertical axis, to allow persons to pass through a channel from one area to another. It thus performs the function of a turnstile. Often this is facilitated by the presentation of a credential or token such as a smart card, fingerprint, or similar which must be presented to a suitable reader and which, once the user’s credentials have been authorized, either causes the/or each panel to open or releases a break /lock which enables the user to pass through. The electric turnstile may allow movement in either direction (ie for entry or exit (egress)) and passage in both or just one of the directions may require a credential or token authorized entry. Sometimes the operation in either direction may be triggered by a mechanical switch or other means.

Sometimes there is no need for the use of a credential on exit. instead, a sensor or sensors detect the presence of a person wishing to exist and the barrier opens automatically and subsequently recloses. Sometimes free exit is provided utilizing a directional brake which enables a user to pass through in the exit direction but not to pass through in the entry direction unless authorised.

In a situation where authorization is normally required for the exit there is sometimes a requirement that in an emergency egress situation, it must be possible to push the panel away (ie in the direction allowing movement In the exit direction, in order to escape an area quickly. It is possible also to employ directional brakes, clutches, and so on. It is also possible to provide a ‘crash bar’ (crash) type switch (such as the “push for exit” bars seen on emergency exit doors) such that an exiting person could operate it to facilitate exit without the use of a token in an emergency.

Electrical and optical sensing means are used to detect entry and exit and this may be utilizing a row or an array of optical sensors, typically infrared sensors, arranged to monitor the passage of a person.

The infrared transmitters are fixed on one side of the passageway and the sensors on the other. These infrared transmitters transmit beams which are sensed by the sensors such that a breaking of the beams indicates that something or someone is passing through. They may also be used to stop tailgating and only allow one person at a time through. The apparatus may also be provided with respective card readers which may read an authorization card such as a smart card by the user, and determine whether the user is entitled to enter or exit. Instead of a card reader other suitable authorization means may be provided, either additionally or alternatively, such as retina sensors, fingerprint sensors, or other types of authorization means.

The card readers and optical transmission/ sensing apparatus are connected to a central processing and control means which also controls the motors and brakes. This might also receive input from a remote access control station.

If a user enters the lane without presenting a card or other credential, the optical system reports a warning using the exit side indicator board (red flashing indicator and beep sounder)

Speedgate Turnstile

How do speed turnstile gates work?

In normal use, a person presents a credential to enter or exit. When validation is provided the brake is de-energized and the motor moves the panel to allow only one person entry or exit. If a person enters the lane without an authorizing signal having been provided the brake/lock will remain locked. If a person enters the lane in the wrong direction and there is no person detected entering on the entering side of the lane, the speed gate remains locked and sounds an alarm.

In addition, the speed gate security turnstile has a mode of operation in which if a user enters an exit side of the lane without presenting a credential, and an authorized person is not detected on the entry side of the lane, the barrier is held in position in a closed mode.

Smarter Security Fastlane Glassgate - Fastlane Turnstiles

What are the benefits of speed turnstile gates?

1. Stylish, architectural design
2. Minimal footprint for maximum throughput
3. Wider variants suitable for wheelchairs and bicycles
4. Precision-controlled movement of obstacles and detection of all obstructions
5. Optional high barriers for maximum security requirements in monitored and unmonitored areas
6. When combined with a fire alarm system and a fire alarm, obstacles automatically open to free the passage.
7. Smooth integration of proximity, magnetic card readers, biometric scanners, and other user authentication systems.

What are the applications of speed turnstile gates?

Office buildings
Amusement parks
Data centers
Metro stations
Government facilities

What are the surface treatments for speed turnstile gates available?

In general, there are 3 typical surface treatments available, including
1. Stainless steel: excellent for use outdoors and in harsh settings since it does not corrode, rust, or discolor.
2. Powder-coated steel: It has a variety of bespoke colors to suit various applications and is durable enough to withstand most scratching and severe use.
3. Galvanized Steel: It offers perfect protection against corrosion and stands up well to water exposure, and it is an effective finish for outdoor environments.
They are different in cost. It is important to determine the correct surface treatment by some factors, including the application situation, and the environment.

What is the protection class of speed turnstile gates?

The protection class of the speed turnstiles is IP54

What are the sizes of speed turnstile gates? 

In general, the sizes of speed gate turnstiles are 1200~1400mm (Length) x 120~160mm ( Width) x 980mm (Height). Of course, as a professional turnstile manufacturer, we can customize turnstile solutions as per the specific requirements.

What are the lifespans of speed turnstile gates?

In general, the lifespan of a brushless motor speed gate turnstile is 3 million times, and the servo motor speed turnstile gate is 5 million times

What are the materials used for speed turnstile gates?

In general, the standard speed gate turnstile is made of #304 stainless sheet for standard usage. For the applications of corrosive environments, #316 stainless sheet will be a better option. Sometimes, we use #201 stainless sheet for an economic solution if acceptable.

What is the warranty for speed turnstile gates?

In general, we offer a 2-year / 24-month warranty, and a longer warranty period is available with extra charges

What are the speed turnstile gates’ prices?

The cost is determined by many factors, including the material (#201, #304, or #316 stainless sheet); the stainless sheet thickness; the surface treatment (powder coating or galvanize); the chassis length ( 1200mm or 1400mm); the drive motor ( DC24V brushless motor or servo motor)., etc.

What is the package of speed turnstile gates?

Speed turnstiles are packed by standard wooden export cartons to fully prevent them from being damaged during transportation

How to deliver speed gate turnstiles?

For mass orders, we deliver them by sea which is the most economical way. For samples, they can be delivered by courier express or air as per customers’ requirements.


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