Access Control Turnstile Speed Gate Speed Electric Turnstile

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Access Control Turnstile Speed Gate Speed Electric Turnstile
  • Access Control Turnstile Speed Gate
  • Access Control Speed Gate Turnstile
  • Access Control Speed Turnstile Gate
  • Speed Gate Access Control Turnstile

Access control turnstile speed gate speed electric turnstile is created with a sleek appearance for small entryways


Access control turnstile speed gate JDSG-19 is outfitted with infrared sensors that can effectively and efficiently direct a sizable group of people toward guarded areas while also serving to prevent unlawful access. The high-performance sensing system precisely regulates the flow of pedestrian traffic while providing the highest level of protection and safety. People with special requirements can use a passageway up to 900 mm wide thanks to its unique design, and the physical transparent barrier's maximum height of 1800 mm efficiently prohibits users from climbing over the security barrier.

Access control turnstile speed gate JDSG-19 combines high levels of security with a high bidirectional flow of the passage. It is frequently utilized in building lobby applications where increased security, high-speed throughput, and interior aesthetics are priorities because of its elegant and adaptable design, which can practically integrate infinite aesthetics within architectural interior necessities.

Access Control Turnstile Speed Gate Features

1. Stylish, architectural design
2. Minimal footprint for maximum throughput
3. Wider passages and higher obstacles available
4. Accurate tailgating detection
5. High-density matrix of infrared beams follows users’ progression through the turnstile
6. LED Passage Indicator
7. Precision controlled movement of obstacles and detection of all obstructions
8. Fire alarm input ensures unimpeded emergency egress
9. Bi-directional access control
10.Integration with any Card/Biometric Reader

Access Control Turnstile Speed Gate Applications

Public institutions
Data centers
Sensitive sites
Schools and universities


 Housing Material  #304 stainless sheet
 Dimension  1500 x 160 x 1020mm
 Power Supply  AC220V / AC110V, 50/ 60 Hz
 Channel Width  600~900mm
 Drive Motor   DC 24V brushless motor or servo motor
 Pass Speed  35 ~45 persons per minute
 Input Interface  Dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal
 Rotating Direction  Bi-directional
 Communication interface  RS485
 Gate open when power failure  Yes
 Open Time  0.2 second
 Life Cycle  5 million times
 Working Temperature  -30°C~+70°C
 Working Environments  Indoor, outdoor (with shelter)


The Design

Access Control Turnstile Speed Gate Design

The  System Diagram

Access Control Turnstile Speed Gate  System Diagram

Project Cases

The Applications of Access Control Turnstile Speed Gate


What is an access control turnstile speed gate?
It is an improved swing turnstile gate and offers quick, easy, and secure access. Its features include quick traffic flow, quick running speed, precise positioning functionality, and stable operation. To ensure quick throughput and consistently reliable operation over the long term, access control speed gates and turnstiles use reliable DC24V brushless motors or servo motors. The slender and exquisite designs of the speed gate touchless slim turnstiles enable them to be employed in confined spaces and blend in with the aesthetics of the surroundings. Access control turnstile speed gates, which combine the physical barrier and cutting-edge sensor technology to allow entry detection and prevention without the need for a guard, are becoming more and more popular for applications where maintaining safety and security is essential.



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