What is a car park barrier?

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What is a car park barrier?


A brief introduction to a car park barrier

A car park barrier is the most basic yet efficient automated barrier in use today, commonly referred to as an automatic boom barrier or a vehicle access barrier. consists of a long arm that automatically descends to obstruct the passage of approaching vehicles. The driver of the vehicle must first display a pass, input a code, pay a toll, or wait for recognition before raising the boom gate’s arm. The arm is usually raised and lowered by an electric motor, which is controlled by a sensor or security access system.

A car park barrier gate comprises a barrier column and a barrier boom, wherein one end of the barrier boom is arranged on the barrier column in a swiveling manner and the other end has no support, wherein the barrier column provides a barrier boom receiver, which can be swiveled around a horizontal axis, for the arrangement of the barrier boom, as well as comprising a motor drive for the barrier boom and a control system which cooperates with the motor drive.

The control system of the parking barrier gate comprises a measuring unit for the absolute position detection of the barrier boom and a comparator circuit, characterized in that the measuring device for the absolute position detection comprises a gyrometric sensor. The control system is characterized in that the measuring device for position detection is arranged on the barrier boom or a barrier boom receiver provided by the barrier column. In addition, the control system serves to detect the inclination angle between the barrier boom and the effective direction of gravity, as well as detect the inclination angle between the barrier boom and the barrier column.

The barrier boom can be pivoted about a horizontal axis barrier column arranged and can consist of a closed position to an open position and vice versa. The barrier boom is in its closed position, usually in a horizontal position. When located in the open position, the barrier boom is usually vertical Position, that is, in the direction of gravity aligned.

To arrange the barrier boom, the barrier column serves as a barrier boom holder, the barrier boom can be pivoted about a horizontal axis. When fully assembled, the hinge takes the barrier boom on one side, that is, at one end. On the other end, the barrier boom is free of supports trained, which means there is no support for the cabinet provided, which is in the closed position of the barrier boom of the structural support of the end of the barrier boom away from the column. The end of the barrier boom furthest from the column is perhaps more free-floating.

For proper pivoting, the barrier boom is powered by an electric motor. A safety clutch is provided, which is on the output side tig of the gearbox, i.e. connected downstream of the gearbox between the gearbox and the barrier boom holder. The barrier boom is moved by the motor drive between the vertical open position and a horizontal position closed position, whereby the motor drive also serves to Barrier boom in the horizontal closed position in suspension so that there is no disturbance.

Reaching the end positions of the barrier boom, that is, reaching the horizontal closed position and the vertical open position on the other hand is detected by appropriate position sensors, which are on the motor shaft of the motor drive means on the transmission input side, or the drive shaft the barrier boom holder, i.e. gearbox on the aisle side.

The signals are detected by such position sensors and measured values are sent to the control unit, which follows the movement sequence according to the achievement of the desired end position, corresponding to that of the motor drive.

The safety clutch is designed to ensure that due to forces acting on the barrier boom large torques are transferred to the motor drive to be led. This can be caused, for example, by obstacles caused in the travel path of the barrier boom. but also through vandalism.

car park barrier

Why is a car park barrier necessary?                                       

The greatest approach to regulating parking lots and vehicle entrance points is to install car park entrance barriers in your parking areas. It is an excellent option for establishments with a shortage of parking spots, particularly those without security personnel that attract a lot of unauthorized cars. An effective way to save money and do away with the need to staff access points is to install a car park vehicle barrier. In addition, barrier gates are minimal maintenance, extremely resilient, and intended to persist through harsh weather conditions.

How does a car park barrier work?

A car park lifting barrier typically uses a magnetic loop detector to lift the barrier boom when a car passes over a magnetic loop detector installed on the road surface. To identify an approaching vehicle, ultrasonic sensors, and other detectors are also frequently employed. Utilizing ANPR cameras—which employ CCTV-style cameras to shrewdly identify license plates and provide entry—is now the most popular access control method. Access to a variety of facilities, including business parks and multi-story parking lots, may be controlled thanks to their compatibility with automated parking barriers, industrial gates, and security bollards. Monitoring and recording of any questionable conduct is another benefit of the CCTV component. The parking cost is automatically computed from the time of arrival using the ANPR cameras, and visitors only need to input their registration number to make a payment.

The applications of a car park barrier

A car park barrier system is widely used in commercial and industrial settings, such as police stations, delivery docks, driveways of homes, and transit terminals. Furthermore, it may be employed to regulate the movement of commodities or individuals.

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How does a car barrier prevent tailgating in parking?

A parking barrier gate works with smart parking techniques to detect unauthorized users attempting to access your lot, preventing tailgating. The smart parking technique refers to software-based solutions, such as authentication systems based on ANPR and RFID.

While ANPR technology uses a camera to recognize license plate numbers on moving vehicles, RFID access control systems use key fobs or access cards to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering the parking lot. This ensures that only authorized vehicles are allowed access to protected areas. Using smart parking technology will decrease the amount of time your security staff needs to spend monitoring parking access points, which will boost efficiency while also increasing safety.

The benefits of a car park barrier

Increased safety 
Security is increasingly a primary concern for both commercial and residential buildings. Using a vehicle barrier gate, you may allow or deny entry based on the credentials of the vehicle. With a vehicle barrier gate, you can monitor and record the registration details of every automobile that enters and leaves.

Boost traffic management 
An automated car park barrier is the most practical and efficient way to control the flow of traffic onto and off your property for locations with a large volume of traffic and limited parking places. On the other side, the barrier system also provides the ability to control how many cars are on your property at once. It’s also possible to refuse admission if your parking lot is full.

Revenue collection from self-serve parking lots   
At the self-serve parking lot, customers conduct the payment process in an unmanned manner, which eventually saves money. By installing an automated gate barrier and a payment terminal, you may make strategic use of your parking lot. Customers should always have access to free parking, but you may only provide it for a maximum of one and a half hours at a time. After that, you may choose how much each extra hour of your stay will cost.

Optimizing the usage of parking space
Due to its small vertical clearance requirements while swinging upward, an electronic car park barrier is the most efficient space user.

When to use the car park barrier?

A car park boom barrier is useful for more than simply parking lots; because they regulate traffic flow and keep out undesired vehicles, they are also ideal for a variety of commercial settings, including residential apartment buildings. For this reason, security boom gates are an excellent option if you wish to limit the number of cars that may enter and exit your property. The electrical arm barrier is perfect for a variety of locations, such as parking lots, business buildings, industrial zones, and apartment buildings.

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When does a car park barrier not make sense?

It is not appropriate to regulate pedestrian access using parking lot barriers. However, in some locations, they are not required if their primary function is to regulate traffic flow and prevent unauthorized vehicle entry.

What factors to consider before installing a car park barrier?

Chassis Materials: The climate should be taken into consideration while installing an automatic car barrier. Plastic painted with polyester is utilized for any outdoor use. In some cases, the painted surfaces with exceptional thermal resistance are required
Size and space: How the automatic vehicle barrier gate will fit and be sustained, as well as the available space, must be determined before installing an automated barrier.
Regulations: there are occasionally rules and settings available to help prevent crushing occurrences while also taking children’s safety into account.
Power Supply: How much electricity is available about the degree of activity where this automated barrier gate is needed.
Operating and access control systems: There are several options available, including audio and video intercoms, controlled switches, and digital pads. The cost-benefit analysis and technological advancements are key factors in determining the vehicle arm barrier type

How to maintain a car park barrier?

The parking barrier has a tendency to break frequently if they are not properly maintained since they are mechanical devices that are used outside and in inclement weather regularly. To maintain a parking barrier effectively, each component must be inspected to make sure the system is always operating as intended.
There are various steps to ensuring the proper working conditions of a parking barrier, including but not limited to:
1) Checking, of cables, connectors, control devices, etc.
2) Cleaning and removing dust/ dirt from all materials, devices, equipment, and systems.
3) Lubrication of the moving parts of the vehicle gate barrier.
4) Ensuring that the marking signs of the Barrier arm are in good condition and visible.
5) Checking the magnetic loop and its detector for proper operation.
6) Checking transmitter antennas and ensuring that they are in good and serviceable condition.

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