Automated Traffic Barrier Vehicle Access Barrier Gate

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Automated Traffic Barrier Vehicle Access Barrier Gate
  • Automated Traffic Barrier
  • Traffic Control Barrier Gate
  • Automatic Traffic Barrier Arm
  • Automaric Traffic Boom Gate

Automated traffic barriers vehicle access barriers at airports enable quick, dependable, and power-efficient operational methods.


Automated traffic barrier JDDZ-11 is the perfect choice for managing vehicle movement in public parking lots, car parks, and private and apartment building entrances. Designed with increased durability, accuracy, flexibility, and safety in mind, it ensures high performance and safety, making it ideal for the automation of private and public car parks that experience frequent vehicle transit during the day. Swift arm movement is made possible by a special lever design and clever motor control, which lessens bouncing at the end position. Such vehicle access barrier has a compact and fashionable design for restricted areas with heavy traffic flow and is an efficient vehicle access control solution for controlling the entry of authorized resident vehicles at safe pre-determined time intervals.

Automated traffic barrier gate JDDZ-11 has standard interfaces and allows for flexible integration of different access control systems. Additionally, it has a customizable speed range of 0.6 to 6 seconds for various boom lengths. Additionally, each boom length is pre-set to operate at a standard speed that may be easily changed from the control board to a faster or slower speed as needed.

Automated Traffic Barrier Features

1. Overload protection design for equipment safety
2. Functions of anti-hitting by sense, protection against resistance
3. Adjustable speed, acceleration, and deceleration
4. User-friendly and optimum accessibility
5. Environmentally durable cabinet
6. Powerful balancing mechanism ensures smooth and durable running
7. Secure operation with safety devices
8. Manual override in case of power failure
9. Possibility of integration with any type of access control systems
10. Low maintenance

Automated Traffic Barrier Applications

Apartment blocks
Company buildings
Hospital precincts
Commercial complex
Public transit area

Automated Traffic Barrier Parameters

 Power Supply  AC220V/ AC110V±10%, 50/60hZ
 Rated Power  140W
 Motor Type  DC 24V brushless digital motor
 Motor Speed  1500RPM
Open Time & Boom Length  1.0~1.2 seconds  2.5-meter straight boom
 1.5~2.0 seconds  3.0-meter straight boom
 2.0~2.5 seconds  3.5-meter straight boom
 2.5~3.0 seconds  4.0-meter straight boom
 3.0~3.5 seconds  4.5-meter straight boom
 3.5~4.0 seconds  5.0-meter straight boom
 4.0~4.5 seconds  5.5-meter straight boom
 5.0~6.0 seconds  6.0-meter straight boom
Max 4.5 meter articulated boom
 Noise  ≤60dB
 Error Action  ≤0.0%
 Interfaces  IR sensor, vehicle detector, RS485, open/ close/stop
 Output  Relay output, max AC240V, 5A bearable
 Life Cycle  ≥4.5 million times
 Work Temperature  -35ºC~60ºC, Relative humidity:≤90%, no condensation


Automated Traffic Barrier Design

Automated Traffic Barrier Design

The Mechanism
Automated Traffic Barrier Mechanism

The System Diagram
Automated Traffic Barrier System Diagram
The Right & Left type definition of  Automated Traffic Barrier

The Right & Left type definition of  Automated Traffic Barrier

Project Cases for Automated Traffic Barrier

Project Cases for Automated Traffic Barrier


How does automatic traffic barrier work?

Ground loop detection can be implemented on automatic traffic barriers to enable automatic opening. A detector that generates the signal to activate the security barrier is part of the loop detection system. In retrospect, this causes the magnetic field to be disturbed as a vehicle approaches the barriers, causing the barrier to open and the vehicle to be identified. Level crossings, drawbridges, parking lots, checkpoints, and entrances to restricted areas are popular locations for boom barriers. These automatic boom barriers are controllable by:
1. Push button
2. Remote control
3. RFID Tags/reader4. Loop detector
5. 3rd party access control device

When to use automatic traffic barriers?

Automatic traffic barriers aren’t just for car parks—they’re perfect for a range of businesses as well as residential apartment complexes, as they control the flow of traffic and prevent unwanted vehicle entry. So if you want to restrict the comings and goings of vehicles from your property, traffic barrier gates are a great solution.


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