Powder Coating Automatic Arm Barrier JDDZ-9

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Powder Coating Automatic Arm Barrier JDDZ-9
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Powder coating automatic arm barrier is an efficient vehicle access control solution for controlling vehicle access

Automatic arm barrier JDDZ-9, which is often seen in parking facilities, checkpoints, and entrances to restricted areas, is an effective and affordable traffic management system that aids in controlling vehicle traffic at the entrances and exits of carparks. The automatic barrier arm gate may be observed and managed remotely from the security guardhouse, allowing authorized people to enter the building more quickly and conveniently.

The barrier arm gate is outfitted with a potent DC 24V brushless motor and dependable mechanisms, providing greater operating performance than conventional ones. It serves as an efficient access control solution for controlling the entry of vehicles. By easing the strain on the motor and gearbox and extending their lifespan, a spring counterbalancing mechanism further improves the arm barrier's dependability. Automatic gate barrier JDDZ-9 is intended for high-intensity use passages, supplied the capacity to handle thousands of operation cycles every day. As a feature specifically created for best access control and safety to promote traffic flow while yet avoiding tailgating, the arm barrier will continue to open and close quickly

Security barrier arm gate JDDZ-9 avoids damage to infrastructure and restricts access to unsafe locations by having a highly noticeable finish. It is built of premium steel for 100% heavy-duty cycle running, requires less maintenance, and offers a hassle-free access solution. In addition, the auto barrier arm gate allows flexible integration of different access control systems and a quick, dependable, and smooth working method with minimal noise and power consumption. It is an ideal option for controlling such applications where quick, safe automation is required, such as for big passages, because of its low-voltage operators and assembly structure.

With more than 15 years of experience in vehicle access control barrier, Jayda offers a wide variety of high-quality automatic barrier arm gates. For further information about our products, kindly send an email to luke@jaydagate.com.

Automatic Arm Barrier Features

1. Modular design, more convenient for after-sale service
2. Multiple safety protection measures to ensure high safety of vehicle traffic
3. Speed 0.6 seconds up to 6 seconds depending on the settings
4. Secure operation with safety devices
5. Slim profile; fits on narrow islands
6. Environmentally durable cabinet
7. Manual override in case of power failure
8. Energy-saving DC24V brushless motor gearbox
9. Manual override in case of power failure
10. Smooth and efficient operation

Automatic Arm Barrier Applications

Private Road
Public transit area
Company entrances
Industrial areas
Motorway gates

Automatic Arm Barrier Parameters

 Power Supply   AC110V~260V, 50/60hZ
 Rated Power  150W
 Motor Type  DC 24V brushless digital motor
 Motor Speed  1500RPM
 Open Time & Boom Length  1.5 ~6 seconds  Max 6-meter straight boom
 Max 4.5-meter articulated boom
 Noise  ≤60dB
 Error Action  ≤0.01%
 Interfaces  IR sensor, vehicle detector, RS485, open/ close/stop
 Output  Relay output, max AC240V, 5A bearable
 Life Cycle  4.5 million times
 Work Temperature  -35ºC~60ºC, Relative humidity: ≤90%, no condensation

The Design of Automatic Arm Barrier

Automatic Arm Barrier Design

The Movement of Automatic Arm Barrier

The movement of automatic arm barrier

The Installation

The installation of Automatic Arm Barrier

Project Cases

Automatic Arm Barrier Barrier Installations

What is an automatic Arm barrier?

Its boom pivots to prevent vehicles from passing through the restricted areas. The boom typically rises in a vertical arc to a position that is close to vertical. For some applications with height restrictions, like the basement or low-headroom parking lots, an articulated boom is available. The outermost half of the boom stays horizontal while the other piece, which is closer to the housing, maintains a vertical position when lifted. Once access has been granted, the bar is raised so that only authorized cars may pass. The automatic barrier arm is raised and lowered using an electric motor. A motor body and control unit are used in automatic barrier arm gates to operating a horizontal boom in a secure and safe manner. The motor body and control unit that safely and securely operates a horizontal boom for the movement of all motor vehicle types makes up automatic road barrier. It can be quickly integrated with many different systems to offer autonomous security in any institution. Additionally, such barrier gate arms guarantee high performance and safety, which makes them perfect for automating both private and public parking lots that experience heavy vehicle traffic during the day.


What advantages of automatic Arm barriers?

1. The automatic vehicle barriers use a DC24V digital brushless motor, which is safer to use, has a lower noise level, a lower calorific value, and saves energy and the environment.
2. The barrier boom’s operational status is continuously monitored, enabling high-precision state management and adjustment.
3. The barrier boom rebounds when it hits an obstruction while running, successfully preventing crushing.
4. The speed of 0.6–6 seconds can be adjusted to meet the requirements of a variety of applications.
5. The mechanic structure has been streamlined, which lowers the cost of maintenance.
6. Much simpler to troubleshoot by only modifying the parameters from the control board.
7. 4.5 million times longer average lifespan



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