Affordable Electtric Security Barrier Gate JDDZ-13

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Affordable Electtric Security Barrier Gate JDDZ-13
  • Electric Security Barrier Gate
  • Automatic Security barrier
  • Vehicle Security Barrier Gate

DC24V electric security barrier gate is an economic but reliable trtaffic  control device for various applications.

Electric security barrier gate JDDZ-13 is Jayda's latest affordable traffic control solution, designed for use in private or public parking lots in residential areas or high-traffic zones, such as business buildings, medical institutions, highways, and public spaces.

Security barrier arm JDDZ-13 is entirely digitally controlled, eliminating the laborious process of mechanical limit adjustment, thanks to a sturdy DC24V variable frequency motor and dependable modern control technology. Its unique anti-smashing feature is tracked entirely by digital means, and it is possible to flexibly alter the smashing force and reaction time. Furthermore, no additional equipment (pressure wave, infrared sensor, etc.) is needed for the entire process. The automatic security barrier has completely automated entry points that range in width from 2 to 4.5 meters and an adjustable opening rate of 1.5 to 5 seconds. In the event of a power outage or malfunction, the electronic security barrier boom's soft opening and closing motions may be controlled and its movement can be delivered with fluidity by the mechanical crankshaft movement.

Security barrier gate system JDDZ-13 has a sleek, contemporary style that lets it fit in perfectly with a variety of installation environments. It is is flexible enough to combine with a range of access control systems, such as IC/ID card, QR, barcod, fingerprint, and facial recognition thanks to its standard interfaces. In addition, JDDZ-13 is contructed for both indoor and outdoor use and offers a quick, dependable, and smooth operating way with low noise and power consumption.

Jayda company is a one-stop electric security barrier gate provider and our products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world because of the high quality, professionality and competitive costs. welcome to contact us via for more details on our products.

Electric Security Barrier Gate Features

1. Energy-saving DC24V brushless motor gearbox
2. Slim profile; fits on narrow islands
3. Adjustable speed, acceleration, and deceleration
4. Manual override in case of power failure
5. Overload protection design for equipment safety
6. User-friendly and optimum accessibility
7. Environmentally durable cabinet
8. Smooth and efficient operation
9. Secure operation with safety devices
10. Possibility of integration with any type of access control systems

Electric Security Barrier Gate Applications

Company buildings
Residential area
Apartment blocks
Private Road

Electric Security Barrier Gate Parameters

 Power Supply   AC110V~260V,  50/60hZ
 Rated Power  100W
 Motor Type  DC 24V brushless digital motor
 Open Time  1.5 ~5 seconds adjustable
 Boom Length  Max straight boom 4.5 meters
 Noise  ≤60dB
 Error Action  ≤0.1%
 Interfaces  IR sensor, vehicle detector, RS485, open/ close/stop
 Output  Relay output, max AC240V, 5A bearable
 Life Cycle  3 million times
 Work Temperature  -35ºC~60ºC, Relative humidity: ≤90%, no condensation
 Dimension  1000x300x200mm

The Design

Electric Security Barrier Gate Image

The Movement

The movement of electric security barrier gate

The System Diagram
Electric Security Barrier Gate System Diagram

Project Cases

Electric Security Barrier Gate Installations

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