Walk Through Security Metal Detector JDWTMD-3 & JDWTMD-4

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Walk Through Security Metal Detector JDWTMD-3 & JDWTMD-4
  • Walk Through Security Metal Detector

The walk through security metal detector provides effective crowd screening.

Walk-through security metal detectors JDWTMD-3 & JDWTMD-4 use digital signal processing (DSP) to autonomously search for and identify mechanical and electromagnetic interference present in the installation site environment, adapt to their surroundings without human intervention, and have great immunity to both types of interference. The metal detection process is improved by the many independent, overlapping metal detectors; metal locations are reliably presented at each zone. All probe program parameters can be set and changed at any moment, and there are built-in high and low-sensitivity programs for quick and simple modification. A single detecting zone's sensitivity can be adjusted from 0-255.

The entrance metal detector comes with a self-learning feature that adaptively debugs the detection standard upon entry into the debugging system, allowing the sensitivity to be automatically modified by the sample. The machine will automatically switch to a power-saving mode if no detection activity is detected for five minutes. The system will automatically awaken and go into functioning mode as soon as the object passes. All types of metal can be examined by the archway metal detector, which can reveal possible threats like knives and pistols. It is more crucial than ever to be able to identify deadly weapons before they may be utilized in public settings, with security being of the utmost importance.

The painted PVC and aluminum alloy pillar frame that comes with the walk-through metal detectors JDWTMD-3 and JDWTMD-4 is not only anti-corrosion, waterproof, fireproof, and moisture-proof, but also anti-collision. They are visually ideal for most covert applications thanks to their lightweight, compact, and attractive appearance, which makes them adaptable to any environment.

As one of the top producers of security walk-through metal detectors, Jayda Company offers pinpoint metal detectors of excellent quality at competitive prices. In the meantime, we also alter them to suit the requirements of particular projects. luke@jaydagate.com is the best place to reach us if you require our help.

Walk Through Security Metal Detector Features

1. Powerful screening of large crowds
2. Excellent electrical & multiple WTMD immunity
3. Aesthetic, unobtrusive, and lightweight
4. Rapid Installation: no tools are required for assembly
5. Excellent discrimination of personal mental effects
6. Accurate pinpointing of individual and multiple metal targets
7. High detection speed
8. Regulated level of detection reliability
9. Very easy to operate
10. Highly adaptable for installation in all environments

Walk Through Security Metal Detector Applications

Sports stadiums
Office blocks
Amusement parks
Transportation hubs


           Item JDWTMD-3 JDWTMD-4
 Power Supply AC 90V~AC260V, 50/60Hz
 Power Consumption 25W
 Detection Zone 8 distinct zones 24 distinct zones
  Sensitivity 0~255 levels adjustable
 Alarms audible tone & bright LED
 Display Panel LCD display
 Color White/ light gray/ dark gray (customizable)
 Working Temperature  -20°C~45°C
  N.W / G.W 65 kgs / 75 kgs
 Standard external size 2220 X 820 X 610mm
 Standard internal size 2200 X 720 X 610mm


The Design

Walk Through Security Metal Detector Design


What is a walk through security metal detector?
A walk through security metal detector is used to detect the presence of metal objects concealed within the human body. It is designed to protect public gatherings, industrial plants, correctional facilities, sporting venues and stadiums, and any other location where it is prohibited to bring metal objects. The metal detector gate offers a hygienic inspection of people in search of prohibited items.

With multiple separate overlapping metal detectors built into one frame that more quickly and accurately identify metal while tracking metal moving position sound and light alarm, combining the necessary security with a high level of operational efficiency, the full body metal detector allows a high flow rate of people through the gate with a minimum number of annoyance alarms (with personal items, for example, such as coins, keys, or belt buckles can pass through the magnetic field without causing any harm). A multi-zone walk-through metal detector has a small and light design that makes it adaptable to all soundings and aesthetically appropriate for even the most covert applications.




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