Door Frame Metal Detector JDWTMD-1 & JDWTMD-2

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Door Frame Metal Detector JDWTMD-1 & JDWTMD-2
  • Door Frame Metal Detector

Door frame metal detector provides accurate pinpointing of individual and multiple metal targets.

Door frame metal detectors JDWTMD-1 & JDWTMD-2 come with a compact and lightweight full aluminum frame design which is aesthetically suitable for the most discrete applications, as well as allowing it to be inserted with ease into more intimate environments. The multi-zone door frame metal detector is designed with multiple independently adjustable detection zones as well as a 2D LED display, the promise zones more accurately and quickly identify metal and metal location is reliably displayed at each zone while tracking metal moving position sound and light alarm.

The transmitters and receivers for the entrance metal detectors JDWTMD-1 & JDWTMD-2 are installed in each side panel, enabling scanning from both sides for consistent detection throughout the archway. Throughput can be increased by using broadband technology to evaluate targets across a wide range of frequencies with more accuracy, better ferrous and non-ferrous identification, and fewer false alarms. In one frame, they have multiple distinct, overlapping metal detectors. Compared to traditional metal detectors, this coil structure improves the metal detection process. At each zone, the location of the metal is consistently presented. If there are metals in more than one zone, the zone with the highest metal is shown on the LED display, and all zones with metals are presented on the zone representation supplied on the side panel.

Multi-zone door frame metal detectors JDWTMD-1 & JDWTMD-2 use digital signal processing (DSP) technology to automatically scan and detect mechanical and electromagnetic interference in the installation site environment. They are commonly used in amusement parks, city halls, warehouses, factories, and manufacturing facilities, among other places.

Jayda Company produces and exports premium door frame security metal detectors at affordable prices. Thousands of such metal detector security gates are exported to more than 50 different nations and regions and enjoy a high reputation there. If you need our help, email us at

Door Frame Metal Detector Features

1. Aesthetic, unobtrusive, and lightweight
2. Superior detection and throughput
3. Excellent electrical & multiple WTMD immunity
4. Excellent discrimination of personal mental effects
5. Quick, accurate analysis of all parts of the body of people in transit
6. Accurate pinpointing of individual and multiple metal targets
7. High visibility alphanumeric display
8. Rapid Installation: no tools are required for assembly
9. Wide range of threat detection from guns to ½ cutter blade
10. Highly adaptable for installation in all environments

Door Frame Metal Detector Applications

Transportation hubs
Manufacturing facilities
Public transportation
Amusement parks

Door Frame Metal Detector Parameters

    Item         JDWTMD-1       JDWTMD-2
  Power Supply                               AC 90V~AC260V, 50/60Hz
  Power Consumption                                                       25W
  Detection Zone     6 distinct zones              18 distinct zones
  Sensitivity 0~99 levels adjustable  0~255 levels adjustable
  Alarms audible tone & bright LED
  Display Panel LCD display
  Color White/ light gray/ dark gray (customizable)
  Working Temperature  -20°C~45°C
  N.W / G.W 65 kgs / 75 kgs
  Standard external size 2220 X 820 X 610mm
  Standard internal size 2200 X 720 X 610mm


The Design

Door Frame Metal Detector Design


The advantages of door frame metal detectors
1. multiple independently adjustable detection zones to ensure uniform detection throughout the aperture.
2. equipped with a display indicating the location of the detected metal object(s) by pinpointing either the left, right, or center position of the height where the item(s) passed through the metal detector.
3. adopt DSP digital signal processing technology to automatically scan and detect the mechanical and electromagnetic interference of the installation site environment, automatically adapt to the working environment, and has high immunity to electromagnetic and mechanical interference; no need for periodic calibration, greatly improving resistance to dryness ability;
4. has a variety of alarm sound selection modes to suit different occasions.
5. aesthetic, unobtrusive, and lightweight
6. quick, accurate analysis of all parts of the body of people in transit, from the shoe level to the crossbar
7. High transit flow rates and the minimum need for intervention by inspection personnel


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