What is full height turnstile and how does it work?

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What is full height turnstile and how does it work?


What is a full height turnstile gate?

Full Height Turnstile Gate

Full height turnstile gate is a rotary gate device that facilitates controlled passage between two separated areas which is used in controlling and/or monitoring the passage of personnel between two distinct areas as, for example, entrance and/or exit areas into, out of, or within various facilities.

The full height turnstile barrier gate is constructed to extend higher vertically than the people using it in order to prevent anyone from jumping over the turnstile. Such typical turnstiles are installed in a fence or other barrier and are constructed with multiple horizontal bars extending from a vertical axis, with many such bars located one above another to form a virtual plane that cannot be passed through, over or under. Several such configurations of bars form multiple wings which rotate around a common axis so that only one person can normally occupy the space between the wings, and, thus, passage through the turnstile with every partial rotation of the axess turnstile is limited to a single individual.

They are often used to control access to premises, such as sports, stadiums, and stations where tickets are checked at the entry point. A turnstile is an effective system for ensuring that only one person enters the premises at a time as it can be released for limited rotation in response to a check made on a ticket.

Motorized Full Height Double turnstile

How does a full height turnstile mechanism work?

Full height industrial turnstile has generally comprised cage-like structures having enclosure walls providing a tone side area thereof. These enclosure walls have typically been defined by accurately configured sheet members or an assembly of intersecting vertical and horizontal members disposed in an accurately shaped pattern. The full height security turnstile has also included rotor constructions comprised of vertically disposed pivot columns having vertically aligned rows of arms extending radially outward therefrom at spaced intervals there-around. The spacing of adjacent rows of these arms are sufficient for a person to pass through the associated turnstile as the rotor is rotated. In addition, such full body turnstile is also supplied with a vertically aligned row of fixed barrier arms on the side thereof opposite the enclosure walls and arranged to allow free passage of the rotor arms during rotation of the rotor.

Full height optical turnstile also has a stationary section associated with it in order to prevent simply walking around the ends of the protruding bars. Also, to prevent“squeezing” past the ends of the bars, most such stationary sections of turnstiles overlap the rotating sections and are also constructed of protruding bars offset from the rotating bars so that the two sets pass between each other. With that type of construction, it is possible to overlap the stationary and rotating sections to whatever extent is necessary to prevent bypassing the barrier turnstile.

Full height turnstile gate has three 120-degree rotor sections which allow entry when released. However if the turnstile release mechanism is operated by checking a token, it is possible for someone other than the person presenting the token to enter when the turnstile is released. By using a four-90-degree sector turnstile, there is a secure position between entry and exit where verification can take place.

Security full height turnstile gate is supplied with a turnstile construction particularly suited to facilitate selective controlled passage through an opening separating two distinct areas. In particular, the rotor construction and rotor control mechanism are advantageously provided. They comprise a plurality of upstanding mounting columns spaced apart from each other to define a frame-like structure. Closure means are provided for enclosing a portion of the turnstile and extending between at least a pair of mounting columns. An upstanding pivot column is spaced apart from at least a pair of mounting columns. This pivot column is journaled for selective rotation about its longitudinal axis and includes a plurality of pivot column arms extending radially outward therefrom. The pivot column arms are arranged in a plurality of rows at spaced intervals around the pivot column with the arms in each row spaced from each other. A pivot control mechanism facilitates selective rotational control of the pivot column through a plurality of operational modes. One of the other of the mounting columns is spaced from the closure means and the pivot column. This particular mounting column includes a plurality of barrier arms at spaced intervals there along extending radially outward and therefrom generally toward the closure means. The mounting columns, the barrier arms, the pivot column and the pivot column arms all comprise extruded members. In the preferred construction, the mounting columns all comprise identical extrusions with the barrier arms and pivot column arms similarly comprising identical extrusions. Extruded members are also advantageously provided to act as spacers and receiving means within various portions of the turnstile construction. An overhead panel is provided for fixedly interconnecting the mounting columns at their uppermost terminal ends in the desired spaced relationship to each other. This panel also supports the pivot control mechanism and provides a journal area for the pivot column’s upper end. In the preferred arrangement, the overhead panel is defined by a plurality of extruded plates.

The turnstile rotor comprises an elongated extruded pivot column having integrally formed longitudinal grooves at equidistantly spaced intervals there around. A plurality of extruded pivot column arms have one terminal end thereof mountingly received in each groove and arranged to extend generally radially outward therefrom at spaced intervals therealong. Locking means interposed between one side wall of each groove and the associated arms to maintain the arms in a desired position.

The pivot control mechanism includes a rotatably mounted cam having a continuous peripheral cam surface with a plurality of equidistantly spaced detents therealong adapted to define a plurality of home positions for an associated turnstile rotor. Cam followers normally urged toward following engagement with the cam surface are provided for generally biasing an associated turnstile rotor to one of the home positions. Means are also provided for selectively determining the general direction of allowable pivot column rotation. In the preferred arrangement, this determining means is defined by a plurality of pawls strategically located for predetermined controlling engagement with the cam surface. Means for preventing rotation of the turnstile rotor and/or for detecting such rotation may further be desirably included.

Full height turnstile mechanism

The advantages of full height turnstile

1. Because of the floor-to-ceiling design, it is anti-tailgating, anti-climbing, anti-crawling performance
2. Provide unified, standard electric interfaces to be integrated with various types of access control.
3. Durable construction suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions
4. Self-centering Mechanism to ensure complete rotation of the head to the rest position
5. Single-user, un-manned automatic access control
6. Heavy-duty precision mechanism

The disadvantages of full height turnstile

1. It has a number of separate or individual component part designs involved which, in turn, has caused inventory, manufacturing and assembly
2. It is heavy, awkward, and costly to ship and install and presents an aesthetically objectionable, prison-like appearance.
3. The turnstile device does not provide sufficient space, making it hard for anyone using a wheelchair or a baggage trolley to pass
4. Provides slower throughput than other types of turnstiles

The types of  full height turnstile

The three different types of full height turnstiles can be classified according to how they operate, including fully automatic full height turnstile, semi-automatic full height turnstile, and mechanic full height turnstile

What are the surface treatments for full height turnstile available?

In general, there are 3 typical surface treatments available, including
1. Stainless steel: excellent for use outdoors and in harsh settings since it does not corrode, rust, or discolor.
2. Powder-coated steel: It has a variety of bespoke colors to suit various applications and is durable enough to withstand most scratching and severe use.
3. Galvanized Steel: It offers perfect protection against corrosion and stands up well to water exposure, and it is an effective finish for outdoor environments.
They are different in cost. It is important to determine the correct surface treatment by some factors, including the application situation, and the environment.

What is the protection class of full height turnstile?

The protection class of tripod turnstile is IP54

What is the size of the full height gate? 

In general, the size of the single passage full height turnstile is 1500mm (Length) x 1350mm ( Width) x 2300mm (Height), and the full height dual turnstile is 2400mm (Length) x 1350mm ( Width) x 1350mm (Height). Of course, as a professional turnstile manufacturer, we can customize turnstile solutions as per the specific requirements.

What is the lifespan of a full height turnstile?

In general, the lifespan of a full height turnstile is 5 million times.

What is full height turnstile material?

In general, it is made of #304 stainless sheet for standard usage. For the applications of corrosive environments, #316 stainless sheet will be a better option. Sometimes, we use #201 stainless sheet for an economic solution if acceptable.

What is the warranty for the full height turnstile?

In general, we offer a 2-year / 24-month warranty, and a longer warranty period is available with extra charges

What is the full height turnstile price?

The cost is determined by many factors, including the material (#201, #304, or #316 stainless sheet); the stainless sheet thickness; the surface treatment (powder coating or galvanize); the chassis length ( 1200mm or 1400mm)., etc

What is the package of full heigh turnstile?

Full height turnstiles are packed by standard wooden export cartons to fully prevent them from being damaged during transportation

How to deliver the full height turnstile?

As it is big and heavy, we always deliver them by sea which is the most economical way

The types of  full height turnstile

The three different types of full height turnstiles can be classified according to how they operate, including fully automatic full height turnstile, semi-automatic full height turnstile, and mechanic full height turnstile.

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