Full Height Biometric Turnstile Full Height Single Turnstile

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Full Height Biometric Turnstile Full Height Single Turnstile
  • Full Height Biometric Turnstile
  • Full Height Single Turnstile Pedestrian Gate
  • Single Channel Full Height Turnstile Gate

Full-height biometric turnstile JDFHT-3 is designed for all applications requiring full-height security solutions to mitigate tailgating and handle moderate throughput, providing the most secure, long-lasting, and practical method of accessing facilities. It operates quietly, and reliably, and can be integrated with almost any access control system to allow only one person per authorized credential.

Full-height pedestrian turnstile JDFHT-3's distinctive mechanical design lowers running expenses and transforms them into a long-term investment. In order to secure the perimeter of reception areas, fitness centers, theme parks, public buildings, and stadiums, it is primarily utilized outdoors.

Full Height Biometric Turnstile Features

1. Low power consumption
2. Robust and long-lasting
3. Smooth rotation
4. Fail-safe or fail-lock configuration
5. Single or bi-directional traffic mode selectable
6. Provide unified, standard electric interfaces to be integrated with various types of access control
7. Suitable to use on-premises require anti-tailgating
8. Accurate and reliable for zero-point lock and unlock
9. Creates a visual and psychological balance between being welcome and secure
10. Reduced maintenance and security costs

Full Height Biometric Turnstile Applications

Stadiums and sports complexes, amusements parks
Employee and visitor access control
Refineries and power distribution centers
Correctional institutes
Military bases
Ports and airports

Full Height Biometric Turnstile Parameters

 Housing Material  #304 stainless sheet
 Dimension  1600 x 1350 x 2300mm
 Power Supply  AC220V / AC110V, 50/ 60 Hz
 Channel Width  600mm
 IP Rate  IP45
 Pass Speed  30 ~35 persons per minute
 Input Interface  Dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal
 Rotating Direction  Bi-directional
 Communication interface  RS485
 Gate open when power failure  Yes
 Open Time  0.2 second
 Life Cycle  5 million times
 Working Temperature  -30°C~+70°C, Relative Humidity: ≤90%, no condensation
 Working Environments  Indoor, outdoor (with shelter)


The Design

Full Height Biometric Turnstile Design

The System Diagram

Full Height Biometric Turnstile System Diagram


How does a full-height biometric turnstile work?
1) After turning on the system power supply, the system performs a self-test and switches to standby mode.
2) The user gives the device control board a valid enter/exit open signal (the access control system has an open signal by card, and the device system opens the signal by button.
3) The device unlocks for entry and exit when the device controller receives the enter/exit open signal and sends a control signal to the electromagnet, allowing the user to push the bar and gain access.
4) The electromagnet closes the door once the individual enters it, and the system goes into standby mode after the device controller provides the electromagnet a control signal.
5) The system will lock the bar and prevent pedestrian access if the pedestrian fails to give a legitimate open signal and access.




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