Full Height Security Turnstile JDFHT-1

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Full Height Security Turnstile JDFHT-1
  • Full-Height Security Turnstile

Full height security turnstile provides great security while being simple to operate and maintain

Full height security turnstile JDFHT-1 utilities a mechanical drive unit with self-centering, anti-action mechanisms, and spring dampers, which allows the rotation of the security turnstile to be pushed through effortlessly thus facilitating a high volume of human traffic flow. The design of the locking system enables it to be in a lock position during normal operation. Upon a valid signal, the mechanism will unlock. After each rotation or timeout pre-set in the controller, the gate will then relock. And the impenetrable construction eliminates any unauthorized access to a restricted area.

The modern brushed finish stainless steel cabinet and aesthetically pleasing design allow the security full height turnstile gate to blend into any indoor or outdoor setting. The motorized drive system is made from high-quality materials, consumes little electricity, and offers a silent, controlled rotation. And the sophisticated drive technology offers a highly comfortable passage width and almost touchless user passage. JDFHT-1 is the right choice for any outdoor facility that needs a full-height security solution to prevent tailgating and manage moderate volume. The flow of traffic is two-way, but only in one direction at once. Flexibility in terms of capacity, user comfort, and overall building security is offered by this security solution.

Full-automatic and semi-automatic full height security turnstiles are two different types of JDFHT-1. Both use mechanical anti-tailgating designs, which have very good anti-tailgating performance and can effectively realize that only one person passes at a time. Full height electric turnstile system JDFHT-1 is a high-specification turnstile, suitable for controlling access in environments such as condominiums, factories, schools, military camps., etc.

To fully satisfy the needs of varied projects, Jayda full height security turnstile gates are offered with a variety of materials, finishes, and prices. For more information, please contact us at luke@jaydagate.com.

Full Height Security Turnstile Features

1. Self-resetting function will allow the turnstiles to lock when there is no passenger passes through
2. Electrical controls for both directions
3. Self-centering Mechanism to ensure complete rotation of the head to the rest position
4. Safe, simple and effective equipment for demanding, prolonged use
5. Integration with any type of access control and ID systems
6. Easy installation and field-configurable
7. Multi-functional unit for various applications
8. Direction indicator function, showing passing or prohibiting for the people.
9. Premium materials and heavy-duty construction
10. High quality at a cost effective price

Full Height Security Turnstile Applications

Industrial areas, logistics and building sites
Employee and visitor access control
Sports parks, arenas and stadiums
Unmanned point of entry
Manufacturing and distribution centers
Construction sites

Full Height Security Turnstile Parameters

 Housing Material  #304 stainless sheet
 Dimension  2530 x 1450 x 2300mm
 Power Supply  AC110V~240V, 50/60hZ
 Channel Width  600mm
 IP Rate  IP45
 Pass Speed  30 ~35 persons per minute
 Input Interface  Dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal
 Rotating Direction  Bi-directional
 Communication interface  RS485
 Gate open when power failure  Yes
 Open Time  0.2 second
 Life Cycle  5 million times
 Working Temperature  -30°C~+70°C, Relative Humidity: ≤90%, no condensation
 Working Environments  Indoor, outdoor (with shelter)


The Design

Full Height Security Turnstile Design

The System Diagram

Full Height Security Turnstile System Diagram

Project Cases

Full Height Security Turnstile Applications


What are the types of full height security turnstiles?

Three varieties of full-height security turnstiles are available.
Fully automatic type: Such turnstiles operate by using a DC brushless motor with a uniquely designed sheave mechanism. People lightly touch the brake lever to pass when the motor causes the lever to rotate forward at a specific angle.
Semi-automatic type: They have control circuit boards and other electrical add-ons, and allow pedestrians to pass through by pressing the bar manually after getting a valid open signal.
Mechanical type: They are entirely mechanical and do not contain any electrical components. Without waiting for the access control system to send an open signal, the users gently push the brake lever to move through the passage.

The differences between full automatic full height security turnstile and semi automatic full height security turnstile

Type Fully automatic full height security turnstile Semi automatic full height security turnstile
Anti-tailgating The full height turnstile adopts a mechanical anti-tailgating design, which can realize one person passing through at a time.
Unattended guard The cabinet is high and large to form a closed structure to control passage, prevent pedestrian from climbing and creeping, so as to realize unattended operation.
Strong mechanism structure The mechanism adopts the mechanical structure of secondary transmission. The gear transmission ratio is precise, efficient and stable, which can precisely control the rotation angle of the arm and reduce the loss, ensure the reliability of the mechanism and enhance the service life of the mechanism. The mechanism adopts advanced hydraulic buffer, with advanced buffer design structure, which effectively reduces the noise and mechanical vibration, makes the operation more efficient and stable, and reduces the loss, ensures the reliability of the mechanism and enhances the service life of the mechanism.
Core control algorithm Using advanced control system and motor control technology, combined with the motor control algorithm, to achieve precise control and positioning of the obstacle. The main control adopts the advanced algorithm, with advanced photoelectric sensors and high-quality solenoids, to achieve efficient and accurate control logic.
Prevent reverse passage Mechanical electric control locking structure design, anti-illegal collision arm and reverse passage. Mechanical electric control locking structure design, anti-illegal collision arm and reverse passage.
Arms status monitoring The full-height turnstile adopts a closed-loop feedback control system to monitor the movement status of the arm, which can sensitively detect behaviors that threaten the safety of the passageway, such as illegally hitting the arm and reverse passage, and then issue warnings in the form of sound and light, and can be linked with other security systems.
Passing prompt of Automatic rotation After the pedestrian provides a legal door opening signal, the arm rotates at a certain angle in the opening direction, indicating that the pedestrian can pass, and then the pedestrian gently pushes the arm, and the arm automatically rotates in the opening direction.
Anti-electric shock All electric modules are designed to operate under the safety voltage of 24V, and configured with residual current protective device to prevent pedestrian from being injured by electric shocks.
Emergency open The full height turnstile equips with emergency escape control device, to make the system automatically open the gate to evacuate pedestrian.
Auto open when power failure Uses an advanced mechanical structure . When the power is cut off, the arm is automatically unlocked, and pedestrians can freely push the arm to quickly evacuate the crowd.



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