Optical Swing Turnstile Electronic Turnstile Swing Gate

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Optical Swing Turnstile Electronic Turnstile Swing Gate
  • Optical Swing Turnstile
  • Swing Optical Turnstile
  • Swing Gate Optical Turnstile
  • Swing Optical Turnstile Gate

Modern optical swing turnstile electronic turnstile swing gate is an effective crowd control solution for applications demanding quick throughput and cutting-edge design.


Optical swing turnstile JDBZ-27 offers reliable, precise, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing entrance control solutions for various applications requiring fast, efficient, and smooth traffic management for traffic flow, such as universities, government, hospital, and bus station. It provides unsurpassed beauty and performance with a sleek architectural design with 304 stainless steel and tempered glass panels. Equipped with high processing capacity and an exclusive detection system, it guarantees accurate user tracking and prevents any unauthorized use.

Swing optical turnstile JDBZ-27 has 8 pairs of infrared sensors to ensure the security of passage at high throughput and can be interfaced with a number of access control system solutions. It also offers an anti-tailgating feature. Additionally, ADA-compliant lanes with a width of 900mm and conventional passageways of 600 mm are both accessible.

Optical Swing Turnstile Features

1. Fast opening and closing of the obstacles.
2. High-density matrix of infrared beams follows users’ progression through the gate.
3. Integration is possible with virtually any access or biometric solution.
4. Accurately detect the pedestrian’s passing position to achieve functions, such as anti-tailgating and anti-reverse passing.
5. Can be pushed slowly when a sudden impact force is applied beyond the safety range so as to protect the machine and the pedestrian effectively.
6. Long-life performance, high operation dependability, and fast response.
7. Free egress in case of emergency.
8. Mechanical anti-clamping functions for safety.
9. Automatic intelligent detection.
10. Anti-trailing function, the turnstile alarms if someone attempts to push through without permission.

Optical Swing Turnstile Applications

Fitness centers
Entry/exit control
Retail stores
Sports parks
Commercial buildings

Optical Swing Turnstile Parameters

 Housing Material  #304 stainless sheet
 Dimension  1400 x 280 x 980mm
 Power Supply  AC220V / AC110V, 50/ 60 Hz
 Channel Width  600~900mm
 Drive Motor DC 24V brushless motor
 Pass Speed  30 ~35 persons per minute
 Input Interface  Dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal
 Rotating Direction  Bi-directional
 Communication interface  RS485
 Gate open when power failure  Yes
 Open Time  0.2 second
 Life Cycle  3 million times
 Working Temperature  -30°C~+70°C
 Working Environments  Indoor, outdoor (with shelter)


The Design

Optical Swing Turnstile Design

The System Diagram

Optical Swing Turnstile System Diagram

Project Cases

The applications of Optical Swing Turnstile


What are the advantages of an optical swing turnstile?

1. It is supplied with multiple physical barrier heights and lane widths providing easy access to the disabled, wheelchairs, and people with large objects or deliveries, meeting both accessibility and security requirements.
2. It provides fast throughput to achieve fast, effective, and convenient crowd control management
3. It comes with a small footprint, well suited with compact areas
4. It is supplied with sleek and modern designs blending into surrounding aesthetics
5. It guides pedestrians by switches, light information, and combined obstacles to ensure only one passenger can pass at a time.


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