RFID UHF Integrated Reader JDRFID-1 & JDRFID-2

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RFID UHF Integrated Reader JDRFID-1 & JDRFID-2
  • RFID UHF Integrated Long Range Reader
  • RFID UHF Integrated Long Range Readers

Middle and long-range RFID UHF integrated readers JDRFID-1 & JDRFID-2 are high-performance UHF RFID integrated readers built with fully self-intelligent properties. The fast tag read/write operations with a high identification rate are supported thanks to a proprietary, efficient DSP algorithm. They are frequently used in numerous RFID application systems, including logistics, access control, counterfeit prevention, and industrial production process management.

RFID UHF Integrated Reader Features

1. Self-intellectual property
2. Support ISO18000-6B, ISO18000-6C(EPC C1G2) protocol tag
3. 902~928MHz frequency band(frequency customization optional)
4. FHSS or Fix Frequency transmission
5. RF output power up to 30dbm (adjustable)
6. 8dbi/12dbi antenna optional with effect distance up to 3m/10m
7. Support auto-running, interactive, and trigger-activating work mode
8. Low power dissipation with a single +9 DC power supply
9. Support RS232, RS485, Wiegand interface

RFID UHF Integrated Reader Applications

Parking management system
Access control system
Production process control


 Support Protocol  ISO18000-6B EPC Gen 2(ISO18000-6C)
 Working Frequency  ISM902~928MHz, ISM865~868MHz
 Working Mode  FHSS
 RF Power  0~30dBm software programmable
  Reading Speed  Software programmable, Average Reading per 64Bits: <6ms
 Reading Mode  Timing Reading, Trigger Reading.Command Reading
(Software Programmable)
Data Interface  Wiegand26/34, RS485, RS232, TCP/IP
 Data Input Interface  Trigger input one set
 Reading Range  ≦6 meters  ≦12 meters
 Reading Indication  Buzzer, LED    Buzzer
 Antenna  Inside circular polarization Gain 7dBi  Built-in 12dbi antenna
Operation Temperature  -20℃~­60℃  -30℃~­70℃
 Power Adapter  DC+9V
 Weight  3 kgs  6 kgs
 Dimension  240*240*30mm 440*440*50mm


The Design

 RFID UHF Integrated Reader

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