Bluetooth Smart Cards JDBD-7& JDBD-6

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Bluetooth Smart Cards JDBD-7& JDBD-6
  • Bluetooth smart card
  • Bluetooth access card

Bluetooth smart cards JDBD-6 & JDBD-7 are frequently used in parking lots, expressways, and other long-range identification areas due to their dependable rapid and long-distance signal transmission, which allows cars to drive through these locations without stopping. Therefore, traffic flow is improved greatly and no long traffic queues occur in rush hour.

Bluetooth Smart Cards Features

1. Fast transimission speed, long transimission distance
2. Transmission signal is able to penetrate through all protective films
3. The 60-degree conical effective reading area
4. Battery life cycle is up to 50,000 times or 5 years, easy to change the battery.
5. Easy to use and free of maintenance

Bluetooth Smart Cards  Application

Parking management system
Access control system
Production process control


Item   JDBD-6  JDBD-7
  Transimission Distance 1-25M
  Fixed Information Storage  ISM902~928MHz, ISM865~868MHz
  Working Mode  1 Kbit
  Random Access Memory  1 Kbit
  Code Storage  1Kbit
  Battery CR324D button battery
  Battery Life Cycle  50,000  times (handheld)
  Working Mode  real time read/write (CDMA module)
  Working Mode  66*47*7mm


The design


Bluetooth smart card


Bluetooth smart cards

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