Waist High Turnstile Creates Aesthetically Turnstile Solution

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Tripod turnstile gate

Waist High Turnstile

Waist high turnstile creates aesthetically turnstile solution

Waist high turnstile JDGD-17 is a fashional waist-high access control tripod turnstile with three stainless steel bars located at the angle of 120 ° which rotate on an inclined axis. It restricts access to one person at one time with a set of rotating tripod barrier arms. It is one of our most aesthetically pleasing crowd control solutions, slowing traffic down and facilitating closer monitoring of ingress by staff or security guards.  It is quick, reliable, and simple to use, and it can manage modest traffic volumes and handle abusive situations.

Waist-high access control turnstile JDGD-17 is composed of #304 stainless steel in a contemporary design and offers a safe, elegant, and stylish solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. Because of its integrated jaw clutch, which locks the security turnstile quickly upon a violent impact, it effectively prevents unauthorized entry. Additionally, its adaptable coupler driving mechanism may significantly lessen the effect of outside force and noise. When there is an emergency, designs with collapsible bars in both directions create a path of escape. After the situation has passed, authorized staff can manually reposition the tripod barrier bars to their original positions. The sleek LEDs can operate in static or dynamic modes and follow the lines of the turnstile’s body. The pulsing display also shows which way is up to pass past the turnstile. Under the top glass reader panels, two integrated RFID readers with LED lighting signals when users should submit their access control cards. The state of the passage is determined by the combination of all of these LED elements (Green – Access granted, Red – Access prohibited, and Blue – Standby mode).

It provides bi-directional access control when implemented with a facility access control system, or any device that can provide a dry contact output such as a push button. In controlled passage mode, the turnstile unlocks and the motorized arms move a little bit forward to prompt the user after receiving a signal from a valid credential. The motor starts rotating with just a slight touch of the horizontal arm, enabling almost touchless user movement. The turnstile emits a rotation signal after the rotation to let the access control system know that the passage has been completed. The turnstile then locks again in the home position and waits for the next activation.

Waist-high turnstile gate JDGD-17 offers a quick throughput. It stacks activations during periods of high traffic, processing users as soon as they can scan their identification and pass through the turnstile. The modes of card-in/card-out and card-in/free-exit actions are supported. Either direction can also be closed, in which case all inputs are ignored. The turnstile may be positioned in any of the available passage modes thanks to three position key locks on the underside of the fascia. The horizontal arm automatically lowers to create a clear departure path when power is lost. When the power is restored, the arms manually move into the standard operating position.

It is a popular choice for any kind of public, private, or commercial enclosure. It is the ideal solution for securing entries with heavy pedestrian traffic. In athletic or training facilities, public convenience stores, and private businesses, it is frequently used for access control. It is also compatible with every validation system available on the market (biometrics, fingerprints, cards RFID, facial recognition), in addition to being simple to use.

Made of robust, low-maintenance stainless steel
Strong and long-lasting for usage for a lifetime
Practical, speedy, and compact
Smooth, accurate motorized arm movement
Aesthetically pleasing design
Automatic drop arm functionality
Easy configuration and low maintenance
Suitable for outdoor installation
Easy installation on finished floor surfaces, optional on unfinished surfaces
The horizontal arm drops create a passage for evacuation in an emergency

Housing Material: 304 stainless sheet
Dimension: 1400 x 280 x 980 mm
Power Supply: AC220V / AC110V, 50/ 60 Hz
Channel Width: 550mm
Arm Turning Angle: 120°
Pass Speed: 35 persons per minute
Input signal optional: Dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal
Rotating Direction: Bi-directional
Arm drop when power failure: Yes
Open Time: 0.2 second
Life Cycle: 5 million times
Working Temperature: -30°C~+70°C
Working Environments: Indoor, outdoor

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