Swing gate turnstile provides a rapid throughput access control turnstile solution

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Swing Glass Optical Turnstile - Secuirty turnstile Manufacturer

Swing gate turnstile JDBZ-7 is a safe pedestrian access contro solution for controlling access to areas with limited or restricted access or where strict control measures are required, seamlessly guiding large groups of people safely through the physical security barrier using modern technology and sophisticated and intuitive sensors. It combines the security of a physical barrier turnstile with the sophistication and aesthetical appeal of an optical turnstile, such optical turnstiles are gaining in popularity as busy work and public spaces have to remain safe and secure. Furthermore, swing turnstile gate JDBZ-8 offers excellent support to guards and staff responsible for authorized entrances into secured areas.

Swing glass optical turnstile JDBZ-7 is made of SUS304 stainless steel bridge structure with tint tempered glass, adopting a streamlined design with a more modern aesthetic. Its rounded lines, contoured edges and liberal use of crystal clear materials create a very upscale look suitable for any premium lobby. It is designed with lights (green and red LED) to indicate lane directions. Green lights signify that passage from that direction is allowed while red lights signify no passage in that direction. The Integral buzzers chime to indicate of forced passage, unauthorized entry, functional error, or crawling over/under the unit. Such modern optical turnstile blends right in and complements its surroundings seamlessly with its included illumination packages and sleek, modern styling. Finally, the security turnstile is available in multiple acrylic barrier heights and lane widths to meet both accessibility and security requirements.

Swing barrier optical turnstile JDBZ-7 is ideal for those applications that require state of the art technology along with stylish design. Its combination of optical sensors and motorized panels will provide you with secure bi-directional control.The optical sensors are constantly monitored to instantaneously stop the moving panels if a person or object is detected. In the highly unlikely event of contact with a moving panel, the drive system detects the impact and immediately stops the moving panel. On the other hand, this swinging barrier optical turnstile combines the security of a physical barrier turnstile with the sophistication of optical beam detection to prevent tailgating and unauthorized entry with ease. When the optical turnstile receives a fire/life safety input, the barriers open in the exit direction and remain open until reset. In the event of power loss, the barrier panels can be moved freely with very minimal force.

Swing barrier gate turnstile JDBZ-7 provides bi-directional access control in conjunction with a facility access control system. To enter, users present a valid credential which opens the turnstile’s motorized barriers away from the user, allowing a single passage in the requested direction. If an unauthorized user attempts to tailgate on a valid entry, or attempts to enter without authorization, the integrated sensors recognize the illegal passage attempt and sound an alarm.

Swing turnstile gate JDBZ-7 features rapid throughput, making it the perfect entry solution for high traffic applications, it is often used in high-end corporate lobbies and universities, public transportation systems, and government facilities because of its sleek styling and modern appearance.

Tailgating, safety and object detection sensor sets, as standard
Flexible lane configurations
Standard and handicapped width lanes have same cabinet dimensions
Highly intuitive LED illuminated user graphics embedded in turnstile lid
Card in/card out; card in/free exit; either or both directions closed for use
Superior unauthorized passage and unauthorized presence detection
Designed for continued use and maintenance free performance
Supports very rapid throughput
Solution for disabled and trolley access
Can be integrated with any type of access control systems
Dedicated input for fire/life safety systems

Housing Material: #304 stainless sheet
Dimension: 1400 x 200 x 980mm
Power Supply: AC220V / AC110V, 50/ 60 Hz
Channel Width: 600~900mm
Drive Motor: DC 24V brushless motor
Pass Speed: 30 ~35 persons per minute
Input Interface: Dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal
Rotating Direction: Bi-directional
Gate open when power failure: Yes
Open Time: 0.2 second
Life Cycle: 3 million times
Working Temperature: -30°C~+70°C
Working Environments: Indoor, outdoor (with shelter)

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