Retractable Bollard JDBRD-2

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Retractable Bollard JDBRD-2
  • Retractable Bollard
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The effective retractable bollard provides a modern style that complements its surroundings.

Retractable bollard JDBRD-2, also known as a hydraulic retractable bollard or retractable bollard for driveway, is installed primarily in high-risk areas with high vehicle traffic flow and is intended to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering secured areas and to provide the highest level of anti-terrorism protection. The innovative design of the retractable driveway bollard secures perimeter access without creating a sense of social unrest or using active alarm systems, while also bringing about the intended environmental and aesthetic improvements to perimeter security.

With increased strength and resilience, an integrated LED light crown for improved night-time visibility, and a built-in acoustic signal to alert passers, the automatic rising bollard JDBRD-2 has been designed and engineered to provide effective security and access control for any residential or commercial application. When connected to access control systems, such retractable traffic bollards will automatically lower into the lowest position to open the route if there is a power outage. The automatic retractable bollard JDBRD-2, which uses an electro-hydraulic system to actuate a smooth and effective movement, is frequently used in conjunction with automatic barriers. The automatic bollards' movement, which is particularly successful at preventing unwanted entrance, is controlled by a control panel. In addition, the electric retractable bollard may be installed and controlled jointly or separately.

Retractable bollard system JDBRD-2 is widely used in military sites, airports, embassies, consulates, banks, marine zones, prisons, industrial parks, etc. where there is a requirement for high-security levels in terms of perimeter protection, offering a simple, low-maintenance, cost-effective, and smooth operational way.

As a top manufacturer and exporter of security retractable bollards, Jayda Company strives to offer high-quality yet reasonably priced bollards for international clients, and thousands of our products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions each year. Please contact us at if you need further information.

Retractable Bollard Features

1. The operation can be signaled by LEDs on the obstacle, a buzzer, traffic lights, or synchronization with a rising barrier.
2. The hydraulic pump is built in the pit of the bollard
3. Easy to transport, store and install because of the self-supporting structure and the limited weight
4. Crash-rated security bollard with integrated hydraulic pump for ease of installation, increased reliability, and intensive use
5. Easy maintenance (can be performed by a single person)
6. Low power consumption
7. Equipped with an anti-vandal function, which detects a forced command, to reset the bollard and activate an alarm
8. Ability to operate even in the event of a power failure
9. Suitable for a wide variety of HVM applications
10. Sleek design and pleasing aesthetics

Retractable Bollard Applications

Office buildings
Shopping centers
Nuclear facilities
High profile buildings
Pedestrian zones

Retractable Bollard Parameters

 System Control  Electric hydraulic drive
 Power Supply  AC110V~240V, 50/60hZ (control voltage DC24V)
 Material  #304 stainless steel ( #201, #304, #316 stainless steel optional)
 Diameter  φ168mm, φ219mm, φ273mmoptional
 Thickness  6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm optional
 Box Round Diameter  φ370mm. Height: 990mm
 Through Pressure  Bearing over an 80-ton container truck
 Outside Bollard Height  600mm
 Remote Control Range  ≤ 30 meters
 System Power  3.7 KW
 Rising Time  ≤3~5 seconds (adjustable)
 Falling Time  ≤ 3 seconds (adjustable)
 Working Temperature  -35ºC~75ºC
 Storage Temperature  -10ºC~65ºC, anti-rain, anti-dust, anti-moisture


The Design

Retractable Bollard Design

Project Case

Retractable Bollard Applications


The types of retractable bollards
1. Pneumatic retractable bollard: an external pneumatic power unit drives the rise and fall of the column in a pneumatic retractable bollard, which uses air as the driving medium.
2. Hydraulic retractable bollard: the driving medium is hydraulic oil. There are two control options: driving the cylinder up and down using an external hydraulic power unit (the driving component is situated outside the cylinder) or driving it up and down using an internal hydraulic power unit.
3. Electromagnetically retractable bollard: the one that has a motor integrated to rise the bollards.

The Benefits of a retractable bollard
1. Withstand heavy impact, efficiently direct traffic, and prevent unauthorized access
2. 100% duty rating – retractable driveway bollards are made to be used frequently and continuously.
3. combines the highest level of perimeter control with attractive aesthetics
5. can be activated by any access control system or signaling device 4. The operation can be announced by LEDS on the obstacle, a buzzer, traffic lights, or synchronization with a rising barrier
6. The obstacle can be lowered manually on the hydraulic pump in the event of a power outage.
7. Long life cycle with little power consumption
8. a hydraulic retractable bollard with a hydraulic pump built for easy installation and greater dependability


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