Access Control Turnstiles:A Reliable Way for Anti-Tailgating

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                              Access Control Turnstiles: The Effective Way for Antigating


Maintaining a secure entrance is a crucial part of overall building security, but tailgating, as one of the most frequent physical security breaches,  frequently results from a random act of kindness like holding the door for a stranger. It can be seamless and a lot less suspicious to follow an authorized person than it is to break into a building. Access control turnstiles provide us with possible and reliable entry control solutions for preventing tailgating.

What exactly is tailgating?

Tailgating is one of the most pervasive security lapses impacting companies today that frequently go unnoticed, also known as “piggybacking” in the context of physical security. A simple definition of tailgating is the forced or unintentional passage of an unauthorized individual close behind that of an authorized user.

What dangers exist with tailgating?  

It’s getting too dangerous to take a chance on potential damage from someone tailgating into a facility. Typically, tailgaters are criminals who steal, shoot, work for corporations, are spies, or are irate ex-spouses. Large institutions, businesses, or residential complexes with high traffic volumes are common places for tailgating accidents to happen, putting people and businesses at risk for things like lost sales or other property, a bad reputation, or even personal harm.

The significance of preventing tailgating                               

To ensure that the security entrance manager is aware of who is inside the building, which is essential for establishing a secure office environment, anti-tailgating behavior is a crucial step. Many tailgating accidents have contributed to this way of thinking about how crucial it is to make sure that only persons who are in a building with obvious permission are in that building. Anti-tailgating is all about making sure that you only let people enter locations who are obviously authorized to do so and have been vetted.

Access control turnstiles: the effective way for anti-tailgating

Installing sufficient access control systems is one of the most effective strategies to mitigate the risks of tailgating; access control turnstiles are a great example of such a system, being the preferred entrance control mechanism for busy facilities since they only permit one person at a time and only after the visitors have shown the required entrance credentials. It is possible to operate the security turnstiles with or without the help of the front desk or security staff, depending on the requirements of a building

For various applications, industries, and security levels, there are many security turnstile types.

Waist-high turnstiles: One person is only permitted to enter at a time, which helps to maintain a consistent stream of traffic through an entrance. Since it is possible to crawl under or jump over this sort of turnstile to enter without being seen or stopped, they are often employed in situations that require constant observation.

Amusement Park Waist High Turnstile

Full height turnstiles: Since it is challenging to impossible to go over or under, they are a true deterrent. To prevent entrance attempts, they work at a perimeter (like a fence line). By spinning just enough to let one person pass at a time, they avoid tailgating. They lack sensors to find this action, though. As a result, full-height turnstiles and surveillance cameras are frequently deployed as the first line of protection. If tailgating is a problem, a security guard might also be stationed at the entry.

Motorized Full Height Double turnstile

Optical turnstiles: As they can detect movement during passage and trigger an alarm if tailgating occurs, optical turnstiles can both deter and detect. Optic turnstiles with barriers prevent illicit entry, however, it is possible to tailgate behind a legitimate user, Hence these turnstiles are most effective when used in conjunction with a professional security guard.

Speedgate Turnstile

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