The 6 benefits of using access control turnstiles

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The 6 benefits of using access control turnstiles


Due to their efficacy and ease in locking doors that require unique credentials for access, access control turnstiles are becoming more and more common in commercial buildings as security concerns for enterprises across all industries and business owners rise. They are widely used in subway stations, sports stadiums, public buildings, as well as smaller events like carnivals and exhibitions.

Using automatic turnstiles offers the following advantages.

1. Enhance security 

The access control turnstiles are built to prevent unauthorized users from entering secured areas and only permit individuals with valid credentials to enter. They are the ideal options for any space, including a park, office building, concert venue, or sports arena.

Cameras that record video of anyone passing through the turnstile entrances are always present. The security staff of the building can quickly see any suspicious behavior thanks to these. Security will have enough time to act if they detect criminal behavior thanks to this entry.

However, multiple turnstile gates offer varying degrees of security. For instance, tripod turnstile gates provide a low level of security since they can be jumped over by unauthorized users even though they only permit one authorized user access at a time. The optical turnstiles including optical swing turnstiles, speed turnstile gates, flap barrier turnstiles, and sliding turnstile gates provide medium security since they include infrared sensors that constantly watch the path and trigger an alarm when an unauthorized entrance is detected. Full-height turnstile gates, which are high enough to prohibit anyone from climbing over them and only permit one authorized user to access at a time, ensure high-security entry points. According to the unique requirements of a specific project, it is crucial to choose the appropriate type of digital turnstiles for perimeter safety.

Swing Barrier Gate

2. Accurate Tracking

It is simpler to keep track of exactly who is entering and when thanks to some security gate turnstiles‘ use of sensors or cameras that can count the number of individuals passing through. This information can be used to monitor crowd density, examine foot circulation patterns, and enhance building management and security procedures.

Speedgate Turnstile

3. Flexible Management

Turnstile security gates are provided with standard interfaces to be flexibly compatible with different access control systems to recognize multiple verification ways such as ID/IC cards, fingerprint, and facial recognition systems. There are far more effective ways of preventing unauthorized users from entering and boosting efficiency.

Full height turnstile JDFHT-4A is designed for such applications requiring secured solution, as considering for pedestrian traffic flows, monitoring admittance, managing crowds and keeping track of pedestrian movements.

4. Controlled Access 

By restricting who enters a building, turnstile access control systems can be used to strengthen internal security. They could be set up to control when and who can enter a building. They can, however, deal with up to 30 individuals every minute. This not only saves time for both visitors and staff but also decreases the workload for receptionists, especially during periods of high visitor volume. Because of this, more and more businesses are choosing to use our turnstiles as their secured access points.

Automatic turnstiles are useful tools for data collection because they can link credentials with payment methods, monitor and limit access, and more. Facility managers can make more informed business decisions with the use of turnstile data on visitor behavior or profiles. Turnstiles, for instance, make it simple to see peak times or the typical amount of time spent on a particular activity. To better their products and services, facility managers and executives might benefit from their help in comprehending and analyzing client behavior.

Access Control Tripod Turnstile

5. The regulated flow of people 

Pedestrian turnstiles are useful for controlling the flow of people into and out of buildings for companies who wish to keep enacting some kind of social distance. For instance, if your facility has a 100-person maximum capacity, the turnstile can be programmed to stop operating once 100 people have passed through it. Installing entrance gates and speed lanes is a good approach to control the flow of people entering and leaving an office building. They offer excellent security, quick operation, and anti-tailgating benefits. For exceptionally crowded entrances, speed lanes can be employed next to turnstiles or entrance gates to create a smoother flow of traffic.

Turnstile pedestrian gates are commonly used in public transportation systems, stadiums, amusement parks, and other crowded areas to manage the flow of people. They ensure orderly entry and exit, prevent overcrowding and help maintain security.

Retractable flap barrier JDYZ-18

6. Cost saving

Because security turnstiles automate the access control procedure, there is no longer a need to hire staff to manually verify identification. Since the turnstiles don’t need to be operated by additional staff, costs are reduced. Turnstiles can check that people have paid for admission before letting them in, whether they are entering for a concert or a train. Customers must scan their tickets at entry turnstiles that have a ticket scanner to gain entry.

sliding gate turnstile entry system


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