The typical entrance frauds when passing through turnstile lane

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Turnstile Security System Swing Gate - turnstile system - turnstyle gates

As typical physical security solution, turnstile access control systems are widely used in construction sites, corporate building, modern residential facilities, sports facilities, government buildings, education premises, regulating entry for pedestrians so that they can seamlessly move into and out of the site, but maintain a level of security which prevents access to unauthorised individuals. They are designed with standard interfaces to integrated various access control system through dry contact, allowing passage to one person at a time upon receiption of a valid credential. However, some typical entry frauds found everyday, we share 7 typical entrance frauds when pedestrian passing through the turnstile lanes.

1. Tailgating and Piggybacking

Both tailgating and piggybacking refer to the passage of an unauthorised person behind that of an authorised user. The differences between tailgating and piggybacking is that tailgating is the unauthorized person follows the authorized person without their assistance, while piggybacking is the authorized person help the unauthorized person to enter an secured area. Optical barrier turnstiles comes with infrared sensor to detect and sould an alarm if more than 1 person entering into the turnstile lanes at one time.

2. Reverse Entry

It refers to the Attempting to pass through turnstile lane from the opposite direction. The optical pedestrian turnstiles can be configured to allow passage in either direction, such us, entry controlled / exit free, entry controlled / exit controlled, entry free/ exit free, but the LED indicator on the cabinet display green arrow when passage is allowed and red cross when passage is denied . Their infrared sensors detect and alarm if someone entering the entrance system from the wrong direction.

3. Safety Zone Time Out

Safety zone refers to the area close to the location where the turnstile barrier open. If the user stays in this area too long – forcing the barriers to stay open and allowing passage to unauthrized user, which is considered as a fraud attempt.

4. Crawl Under

It means the attempt to crawl under the barrier of turnstile gates. The sensors around the base of an entrance system detect the body of a person crawling.

5. Climb Over

It refers to the attempts to jump over the turnstile access control system, commonly used by fare dodgers on metro systems.

6. Force Open

Manually forcing open the barriers of the automatic turnstiles

7. Lane Intrusion Time Out

The unauthorized users stand in the entry area for a while to waiting for other authorized users to open the barrier so that the can pass, which is also be regarded as entry fraud.

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