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DC24V brushless motor car park barrier, vehicle access barrier, traffic barrier

With an increasing number of vehicles and areas getting populated by offices, hospitals, public places and residential premises, car park barrier have become the effective and efficient solution parking issues, lane management, speed control, traffic diversion, highlight construction zones. With the help of car parking barrier, tracking the movements of cars on the property become easier than before. If you are concerned about the safety of your customers, you can make a decision based on your requirements.

Automatic car barriers are observed in various places such as the entrance of residential and commercial buildings, toll booths, departmental stores, shopping malls, etc. They stop the entry of vehicles and collect information for the visitor or the vehicle details before letting it in. The government installs toll booths to monitor the entries from neighboring states. Such automatic parking barriers come with a manual release device if power fails. The gate will automatically reverse if the obstruction reaches the boom. If the barriers are damaged, they will not allow vehicles to enter. In case of a power failure, the gate can be operated manually with the help of a manual release device.

What is a car park barrier?

Car park barrier gate, also well know as automatic boom barrier or vehicle access barrier, are the simplest, yet effective automated barrier used today. Consisting of a long arm that lowers automatically to block the path of oncoming traffic. To raise the arm of the boom gate, the vehicles driver must present a pass, enter a code, pay a toll or wait for recognition before it is safe for them to proceed. Typically, an electric motor raises and lowers the arm, while a sensor or security access system controls the motor operation.

Automatic barrier gate- automatic rising arm barrier - car park barrier

How does car park barrier works?

A magnetic loop system is one of the most popular types of carpark barrier system. It works by lifting the barrier when a vehicle passes over a magnetic loop detector placed on the road surface. They can be connected to a central control.

Barrier Gate Automation

There are various technologies devised to make an automatic parking barrier. One among them is an electro-mechanical method which is reliable and widely used. The other technologies may vary as per manufacturer’s specifications. These electro-mechanical devices have an intact 24V DC drive unit which can run continuously without generating heat. This property in electro-mechanical boom barriers enables it to be operated continuously and in an intensive duty cycle.

Various features of car park barrier

Car park barriers comes with different features that will allow it to be used in a variety of applications. It can be used for parking, traffic, and toll systems. The arms can be selected in different lengths – ranging from 3 meters to six meters. They are available in the fence and direct boom options. Each barrier gate has a soft release clutch. It comes with multiple input and output terminals. The housing can be left or right or vertically oriented.

The applications of car park barriers

Industrial applications of car park barriers

As a result of the increasing popularity of barrier gate automation today a wide range of automatic barrier gates are available. Because of the great convenience and functionality, the automatic traffic barrier has become a preferred security solution for hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, industrial premises, tunnels and toll stations.

Car park barriers for Hotels

Hotels are one of the most high-traffic areas because of the continuous entry and exit of guests so it becomes very important to manage the flow of pedestrians or vehicles effectively. At any given point of time there a number of guests present in the hotel so it requires a high level of security. Automatic vehicle barriers are an ideal solution for hotels in effectively managing the entry and exit of vehicles. In addition, the automatic barrier systems also provide protection from any unauthorized entry leading to a major security threat for the guests.

Automatic rising arm barriers for hospitals

Today, hospitals have grown in size to meet the healthcare needs of a constantly increasing population. The majority of the hospitals operate 24/7 hence the safety of the staff, patients and visitors become highly important. Automatic rising arm barriers prove to be very effective for hospitals in many ways. These security barriers not only prevent unauthorized entry, but also reduced the risk of theft and anti-social behaviour.

Automatic barrier gates for shopping malls

Shopping malls always have high footfalls of customers especially, during specific hours of the day. Because of the high traffic, effective management of entry and exit of vehicles and pedestrians becomes very crucial for the shopping mall. Barrier Gate Automation is a popular and widely used security solution for shopping malls. Apart from controlling the entry and exit of vehicles, Automatic barrier gates also help in managing the flow of supplies and deliveries.

When to use car park barrier

Car park barriers aren’t just for car parks—they’re perfect for a range of businesses as well as residential apartment complexes, as they controls the flow of traffic and prevents unwanted vehicle entry. So if you want to restrict the comings and goings of vehicles from your property, security boom gates are a great solution. Our range of car park barriers is ideal for a range of sites including: car parks, commercial buildings, industrial areas, apartment complexes.

When are car park barriers not suitable?

Car park barriers are not suitable to control pedestrian access. On the other hand, for some places without the purpose of controlling the traffic flow and prevents unwanted vehicle entry, they are not necessary.

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