The advantages of using automatic turnstiles

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With the rising concern of security nowadays, automatic turnstiles have become an important element of security entrance in large spaces where have high flow of people, being an intelligent way to keep the resources, assets and people all the time. They are better than conventional security measures and can be customized accordingly, and secure and used to enforce one-way traffic in commercial, government., etc,. Here are many advantages by using turnstile gates, and we share some key points in this article.

1. Improve security levels

Automatic turnstiles provide the highest level of security in busy facilities by ensuring only authorized people enter the building one at a time. Thereby avoiding overcrowding, tailgating, and restricting trespassers. Usually, electronic turnstiles are widely used to manage the pedestrians who can enter or exit on each presented credential and control the direction of passage. A person must present a valid credential before passing through a pedestrian turnstile, which instruct the barriers to unlock and allow one person to pass before immediately re-locking. Some access control turnstiles have enhanced detection features to recognize and notify of instances such as tailgating, loitering and forced passage. An unauthorized entry attempt will trigger an alarm, notify the user and alert the control center of the conflict.

Tripod turnstile gate, axess turnstile supplier

2. Flexibly integrated with access control Systems

Depending on the operational needs, security system administrators can easily integrate automatic turnstile gates with access card/biometric reader and face recognition terminal. This practice significantly reduces the need of hiring receptionists and saves time for employees and workers in commercial and industrial buildings.

When a user presents a credential, the access control system communicates with the turnstile whether or not the credential is valid and if passage is allowed. Once a passage occurs, the turnstile immediately communicates back to the access control system that the passage has occurred. When presented with invalid credentials, the access control system signals the turnstile to notify the user that their credential was not accepted. When an alarm activates at the turnstile, the turnstile and access control system can function in unison to alert security, turn on nearby cameras and lock down the appropriate turnstiles and secondary doors.

Glass Wing Optical Turnstile - Flap Barrier Turnstile - Flap Turnstile Gate

3. Improve Operational Flexibility

As the entrance turnstiles have the standard interface to integrate with various access control systems via dry contact, different types of users are authorized to enter through the automatic turnstile by barcodes, magnetic stripe, proximity cards, or facial recognition. On the other hand, Electronic turnstiles can be configured single direction or bi-directionally traffic mode based upon the actual applications, and passage modes are independent for each direction and include free pass, controlled passage or locked down. Free pass mode allows entry without authorization – often used when users are not required to card out to exit. Controlled passage requires a valid credential before permitting entry. Locked down mode remains locked and does not allow entry, even when presented with a valid credential. Providing wider passages for the disables for some projects is an effective and efficient way to guarantee them enjoying the equal right, some pedestrian turnstiles such as swing gate turnstile, speed gate turnstile can be equipped with longer swing without extra charges, fitting well with such requirements. Finally, the turnstile barriers can be configured fail-safe or fail-secure, allowing or disallowing any entry or exit through the entrance in case of power failure or in an emergency, meeting the requirement of security levers for different applications.

Outdoor Swing Gate Turnstile - Biometric Turnstile

Jayda company is the professional security turnstile manufacturer, offering different types of  pedestrian turnstile gates for different applications, please tell us your requirements, we will provide the suitable turnstile solutions for your projects.

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