How to choose vehicle barrier systems?

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Barrier arm gate- automatic vehicle barrier-automatic rising barrier

Businesses and building security is something that’s very hard to achieve especially among large businesses that have multiple residents in them, as it is so difficultu to identify every single car that goes through the entrances, but you have to manage those unknown visitors and distinguish them apart from the unwanted. Therefore, there’s also the challenge of trying to flag down unknown vehicles every time they enter the businesses. That is why the vehicle barrier systems are widely used as they provide an ideal way to ensure the security of their residents by making sure that the only people who enter a businesses or a building are the people who are affiliated with one of the residents, or with one of the companies in the building. Nowadays, buildings and businesses prefer to have, and benefit from, a single entrance and exit with vehicle barrier gates in them to manage traffic and car flow.

Where there is heavy and multiple user access low voltage barriers are preferred which allows for redundancy. In residential areas, use of remote controls badges and responders are used so that traffic movement is made quick and easy. Automatic barrier systems help authorized users open and close gates from the comfort of their cars. Another method is by the use of token insertion or use of magnetic card which operates on the same principle. Where there is heavy traffic load magnetic loop systems come into play which passes through a detector positioned on the road surface and the automatic barrier lifts to let it pass and then closes once the pass is done.

In general, vehicle barrier systems provide security by 3 aspects.

Firstly, they are automatically controlled, and can be controlled by the guard, which basically means that no car can pass through without clearance from the guard. Usually, before those gates, a small hump or speed bump is placed in order to slow down the car beforehand. This way, by the time the car approaches the Businesses gates, the guards can easily approach and ask from proper identification. Secondly, they are thief resistant. Being electronically operated, they open only to the people who are authorised. This way, unwanted vehicles cannot enter a certain Businesses. Once the cars do not have proper identification, they can be refused entry from the premises. In case of visitors, the guards may call the house the car is going to visit to ask for confirmation. This way, they ensure that the only people who get to enter the Businesses are those authorized by the Businesses themselves. Finally, these automatic rising arm barriers help in traffic management, this is especially true for buildings located near major highways. By having gate barriers like these, they can control when it would be safe for the car to leave the building. This way, they can avoid unwanted exit of cars into the traffic and cause any unwanted accidents especially among their workers or residents.

However, the same vehicle barrier systems can not meet all the requirements of all projects, as the different applications call for different electric barrier gates to fit for their specific needs. Therefore, choosing the correct automatic barrier gate is very important and some points should be considered as follows

Materials used-A very relevant factor to be considered for automatic barrier gate is the climate of the region. For any outdoor use, exterior shells in plastic materials coated with polyester paint are used for outdoor material. There is even a provision for painted which gives high resistance to any temperature.

Size and space– What needs to be accessed for an automatic barriers is how the barrier gate will be fit and supported and what is space available.

Regulations-There are guidelines and options available for automated security gates from time to time to avoid any crushing incidents and it considers the safety of children too.

Power Supply – How much power supply is available corresponding to the level of activity where this automatic barrier gate is required.

Operating and access control systems– There are innumerable choices available from voice to video intercoms as well as operated switches and digital pads. What economical choices coupled with technology up-gradation play a pivotal role in choosing the barrier type.

Automatic barrier systems are useful for traffic management, pedestrian safety and to prevent any accidental damage. The advantage is that these are constructed from stainless steel and prevent any high-speed crashes. If you are looking for a barrier gate for shopping centers,carparks, warehouses, industrial parks, and schools this seems to be the best option.

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