ETC Toll Gate JDETC06

ETC Toll Gate JDETC06
toll gate,speed barrier,fast barrier,barrier gate,barrier sys
toll gate,speed barrier,fast barrier,barrier gate,barrier sys
toll gate,speed barrier,fast barrier,barrier gate,barrier sys Combining permanent-magnet synchronous servo motor with high quality aluminum alloy press forming housing and well-designed gear reducer JDETC06 ETC toll gate features high power density low noise small vibration high efficiency and fast response as special driving unit applied. Compared with traditional three-phase asynchronous motor permanent-magnet servo motor is more smaller lighter lower operation temperature better power-saving by which it improves power grid quality factor and brings current power grid capacity into full play thus save investment on power grid.
toll gate,speed barrier,fast barrier,barrier gate,barrier sys
Features of ETC toll gate JDETC06

1. Employed advanced servo control technology, it is smooth, fast, stable, low noise, low
    power consumption when the arm is falling down. On the other hand, the motor keeps
    homo-thermal all the time and free of maintenance.
2. Different from standard barriers, JDETC03 is NOT equipped with limit control and spring,
    thus no  shock,no rebound when operating, also free of maintenance.
3. All operations of JDETC03 are controlled by encoder with high precision. The barrier
    keeps operating perfectly all the time and free of debug.
4. High reliability, industrial operation parts, outstanding quality.
5. Super wide voltage input: AC175V--300V.
6. Easy to change boom from right to left or from left to right just by changing the shaft

of ETC toll gate JDETC06

Motor Work Voltage DC310V
Rated Input Current 4.6A
Rated Input Power 1.44Kw
Rated Output Power 1.3Kw
Rated Speed 50r/min
Rated Torque 6.3N.m
Planetary Gear Reduction Ratio 7.5:1
Power Consumption 600W
Motor Rotation Bidirectional Reversible
Motor Built-in 130 ºC Auto
Reset Thermal Reducer
Motor Insulation Class F (155ºC)
Dielectric Strength 1500V/min
Motor Life Cycle 20,000 hours
Controller Working Voltage AC220V/50Hz
Boom Material Carbon Fiber & PE Foam                                          
Max Boom Length 3 meters
Open Time 0.6 Second
Close Time 0.68 Second
Duty Cycle 100%
Life Span > 10 million Times
MTTR <0.5 Hour
MTBF < 5 million Times
Work Temperature  -40 ºC--75 ºC
Vehicle Detector Support
IR Sensor Support
Remote Control Support

System Diagram



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