Flap Gate JDYZ-8

Flap Gate JDYZ-8
flap gate pedestrian gate turnstile gate
flap gate pedestrian gate turnstile gate
flap gate pedestrian gate turnstile gate Flap gate JDYZ-8 is ideal for applications requiring secure solutions as considering for pedestrain traffic flows. As an effective access control point it is able to monitor admittance manage crowds and keep track of employee movements without hampering the flow of traffic.Flap gate JDYZ-8 offers wide integrations different types access control/ time attendance systems are compathible with them easily and widely used for different applications such as office blocks passenger terminals railway stations and sports stadiums.Suited for applications requiring ultra high speed access and medium levels of security.
flap gate pedestrian gate turnstile gate Features of flap gate JDYZ-8

1. 304 grade brushed stainless steel
2. LED lane status and direction indicator lights
3. Built-in intelligent PLC controller
4. Motion detection sensor array
5. A series of optical detectors are used to prevent closing before pedestrain
    leave the gate and determine the number and direction of persons passing
    through the lane.
6. Automatic opening in the event of an emergency
7. Easy integration with any type of identification or authorization system               
8. Bi-directional access control
9. Auto open and free access when power off and auto close when power off             
10. Adjustable auto-delay closing                                                
11. Automatic detection for malfunction

Parameters of flap gate JDYZ-8

Housing Material 304 stainless steel
Voltage AC220 ±10% V/50 ±10% HZ
Driving Motor DC 24V brush motor
Standard Size L1400*W280*H980(mm)
Arm Length 250mm
Passage Width 550mm
Swing Arm Material PU soft material or  Acrylic
Open / Close Time 0.2 seconds
Direction Single or bi-directional
LED Light direction and arrow
Pass Speed 35 persons per minute
Life Cycle >3 million times
Temperature              Indoor or outdoor (with sheltor) -25ºC~+50ºC,
Relative Humidity:≤90%
Input interface Dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal with width of more than 100ms , driving current: > 10mA
Communication Port RS485

System Diagram of flap gate JDYZ-8

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