Automatic Bollard JDBRD-3

Automatic Bollard JDBRD-3
parking bollard,traffic bollard,road bollard,security bollard
parking bollard,traffic bollard,road bollard,security bollard
parking bollard,traffic bollard,road bollard,security bollard Automatic bollard JDBRD-3 is designed to prevent unauthorized vehicles access to secured areas and provide the highest level of antiterrorism protectio, which is mostly installed at the high risk places with heavy vehicle attacks such us Millitary base, government, Airport, bus station. The unique design brings desired environmental and aesthetic enhancements to perimeter security, securing perimeter access without the sense of social disorder and active alarm measures. In addition, it is able to work together with parking system or operate independently for specific applications.
parking bollard,traffic bollard,road bollard,security bollard


1.Fast speed and low noise: The Lifting time is 2 seconds and silent when operating because it uses hydraulic drive unit, action, soft and calm.
2. Control Sensitivity: equipped with muti-functional logic controller, it provides various functional modes to meet different applications. In addition, the user can freely control the spike height
3. Unique Structure: The hydraulic unit core and mechanical power mechanism are integrated design, which transfer the mechanical energy to the hydraulic drive unit effectively.
4. Safe and Reliable: in the case of power failure or emergency situations, you can operate the emergency descent button, then the bollard will fall down. The upper and lower parts of the internal fixing mechanism are respectively equipped with current detection sensors and electromagnetic sensors, thus realizing the effective limit of the over-current protection and the cylinder action of the power unit, and the operation is stable and reliable.
5. Economical and Practical: Environmental protection, energy saving, low consumption, low failure rate, long life span, low maintenance costs. In addition, as use non-traditional steering mechanism design, installation and maintenance, more simple and quick.


Military installations
Railway stations
Bus stations,
Oil & gas refineries


 System Control  Electric hydraulic drive
 Power Supply  AC220V/ AC110V±10%, 50/60hZ (control voltage DC24V)
 Material  #304 stainess steel ( #201, #304, #316 stainless steel optional)
 Diameter  φ168mm, φ219mm, φ273mmoptional
 Thickness  6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm optional
 Box Round Diameter  φ370mm. Height: 990mm
 Through Pressure  Bearing over 80 ton container truck
 Outside Bollard Height  600mm
 Remote Control Range  ≤ 30 meters
 System Power  3.7 KW
 Rising Time  ≤3~5 seconds (adjustable)
 Falling Time  ≤ 3 seconds (adjustable)
 Working Temperature  -35ºC~75ºC
 Storage Temperature  -10ºC~65ºC, anti-rain, anti-dust, anti-moisture



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