Automatic Bollard JDBRD-2

Automatic Bollard JDBRD-2
Rising bollard automatic bollard hydraulic bollard
Rising bollard automatic bollard hydraulic bollard
Rising bollard automatic bollard hydraulic bollard Widely used for highway tool station checkpoints prisons airports military ba se-station custom ports banks industrial and other applications for traffic control hydraulic rising bollard JDBRD-2 is able to work together with parking system or operate independently. The whole bollard device includes ba se lifting road blocks and power transmission device control box remote control and other parts. It has different configurations and functional options for different applications.
Rising bollard automatic bollard hydraulic bollard Features of automatic bollard JDBRD-2

1. Fast speed and low noise: the fastest time of lifting is 2 seconds. Because of  hydraulic drive unit, its operation with low noise.
2. Agility Control: the control unit uses a versatile logic controller, so it can modulate a variety of different functional modes to meet the different applications .In addition, its movement stroke can be set to timing mode, and the user can freely control the lift height of the cover, to save energy consumption.
3. Unique Structure: The core part of the hydraulic unit and mechanical mechanism is integrated design.  Mechanical energy can be effectively transmitted to the hydraulic drive unit, And the operation is efficient. Hydraulic unit is a unique design to achieve the direct entrance of pressure.Its excellent performance is rare at home and abroad in the same field.
4. Safe and Reliable:  in the case of power outages or emergency situations, you can manually press the button of emergency descent, then the bollard will fal.Top and bottom internal of the fixed body are provided with current detection sensor and a magnetic sensor, thus realizing the protection for the power about over-current and cylinder limit effective, stable and reliable.
5. Economical and Practical: Environmental protection, energy saving, low consumption, low failure rate, long service life, reduce maintenance costs. In addition, the use of non traditional institutional design, installation and maintenance, more simple and quick.

Parameters of automatic bollard JDBRD-2


System Control Electric hydraulic drive
Through Pressure Bearing over 80 ton container truck
Power Supply AC220V/ AC110V±10%, 50/60hZ (control voltage DC24V)
System Power 3.7 KW
Rising Time 3~5 seconds (adjustable)
Falling Time 3 seconds (adjustable)
Working Temperature -35ºC~75ºC
Storage Temperature -10ºC~65ºC, anti-rain, anti-dust, anti-moisture
Material #304 stainess steel ( #201, #304, #316 stainless steel optional)
Outside Bollard Height 600mm
Thickness 6mm, 8mm, 10mm optional
Diameter 168mm, 219mm, 275mm, 324mm optional
Box Round Diameter 370mm.  Height: 990mm
Remote Control Range 30 meters



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